Laura Ingraham tries to start the drama between Biden and Fauci


Fox News host Laura Ingraham tried to mislead Dr. Anthony Fauci in a feud with alleged presidential democratic candidate Joe Biden, but Fauci wouldn’t bite – and found himself in agreement with Biden.

Thursday evening, edition of The Ingraham angle, the host tried to buy a quote from the former vice president at Fauci, but added his own misleading twist and outright fabrication in an effort to upset the infectious disease expert, who was a voice of confidence in authority within the White House coronavirus working group.

“President Nancy Pelosi calls this plan yours and the vague and inconsistent president, and that’s what Joe Biden said about it a few moments ago,” said Ingraham, then released some knitted excerpts from the appearance of the town hall of Biden on CNN.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a plan, I think what he’s done is that he’s pretty kicking. He decided he was not allowed to make the call for the country, “said Biden in the clip, who then jumped to Biden adding:” It will not be over until we have a vaccine . “

In a mocking tone, Ingraham repeated “Punted, you punted, you you people working on this…”

We are interrupting this sentence to emphasize that this is not what Biden said, he said that Asset punted by first claiming that it had full power to control the actions of states, and then issuing voluntary guidelines – especially without taking the responsibility of equipping states to take advantage of them.

This is what Biden said in the rest of the sentence that the Ingraham editorial team interrupted: “It will not be finished until we have a vaccine, and we cannot really bring any significant changes in the three phases the president talks about phase (s) until we can test much more widely. “

We are now resuming the grief of Abraham, already underway.

“… and apparently he claims that you did not listen to each other, since you are a scientist,” added Ingraham.

“I don’t know what you mean by I didn’t listen to myself,” said Dr. Fauci with a laugh, adding, “You have to explain that to me Laura. What does it mean? “

“He said they weren’t listening to the scientists …,” said Ingraham.

We are interrupting this sentence to emphasize that Biden did not say “they do not listen to scientists” anywhere in the clip that Abraham played for Dr. Fauci – or elsewhere during this appearance at CNN town hall. Return to Ingraham.

“He said they weren’t listening to the scientists, that they were doing huts and that in the end, there was no vaccine. So your response to Biden, ”said Ingraham.

“Well, there is truth in it. It will not be finished to the point that we cannot do any mitigation until we have a scientifically safe and effective vaccine, “said Fauci, in agreement with Biden.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t approach a significant degree of normality,” he continued, then described the guidelines (emphasis added).

One of the things we said very clearly is that during all of these phases, there was a basic level of care that we had to deal with and that we did not have before we had this epidemic. So, whether you are in phase 1 and still a little tight or that you have already graduated in phase 3, there are still guidelines for all phases. This is what we think it will protect from any explosion that we hope will never happen, and if it does, one of the requirements is to make sure that we have the ability to jump everywhere. So I don’t think there’s an inconsistency.

This is substantially similar to what Biden said at the town hall, during which he criticized Trump’s leadership and his failure to equip states with the tools to safely get through these phases, such as testing – including Dr. Fauci has been warning since the first day.

To be honest, the interviewers may have tried to cause tension between Dr. Fauci and Trump, but not by cheating on him and fabricating quotes. It’s all Ingraham.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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