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Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry, 35, officially resigned as senior members of the royal family on March 31 and started a new life in America where they will fund themselves independently. But former Brexit MEP Martin Daubney denounced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for continuing their privacy during the coronavirus pandemic as the Queen and other senior members attempt to cheer up the British with video messages and calls. Daubney went on to say that Meghan and Harry had “cut the umbilical cord” of the royal family at the “darkest hour” in Britain.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Daubney said, “What I think, just 24 hours after the Queen’s emotional speech, this is the embodiment of this couple’s sheer uselessness.

“What they could have done during this period was lend time and effort to their country.

“I am a patriot as you can probably see.

“I am a royalist, I think the royal family is fantastic.

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“However, this pair simply flew to Malibu.

“They are deeply committed to the pursuit of a professional career.

“They have the right to do it, but they cut the umbilical cord of the royal family and at our darkest hour. “

The Queen prevented the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from working under their royal status, which prevented them from using their Sussexroyal Instagram account on March 31.

“So now, is Archie’s birthday just going to pass quietly and no one is going to see a new photo of him?”

“Or will some sort of new Sussex social media account be created by then so that we can see Archie.

“I’m really, really curious about what’s going to happen on this date and what may or may not be in place. “

Harry and Meghan have announced that they will take a break before announcing their new charity.


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