Latest information from major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda on delivery slots


With people asked to stay indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many turned to supermarket deliveries.

And since the most vulnerable are ordered to isolate themselves for 12 weeks, online shopping is the only option for many.

The sudden increase has meant that buyers across the UK have to wait a long time for their orders to arrive – and even forced websites to crash soon after Boris Johnson announced the lockdowns.

We have asked the major supermarkets for the latest information on when new delivery slots are released to give you a better chance of getting one.



Sainsbury’s home deliveries are only open to existing customers, with no new registrations currently authorized.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury said, “We prioritize the most vulnerable people in the country for our delivery slots and have provided thousands of priority slots to elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers.”

“Our customer line is operating at full capacity and we are able to give 8,000 additional customers daily access to the delivery slots by telephone.

“We are doing our best to get it delivered to the door of everyone who needs it and we urge everyone to keep trying.”

“We are doing our best, but we are also asking customers to remember that home delivery is a very small part of the grocery market and we are asking communities to work together on this problem.

“If customers can go to the store to shop, we hope they will also shop for someone else who lives locally if they can.” “

For more information, visit their website.


Tesco food delivery truck

Tesco offers home delivery with a minimum of £ 25 – but as of April 3, delivery slots are exhausted until April 23.

Click + Collect locations are also not available.

Customers were asked to give priority to vulnerable and elderly people, and those who are able to visit stores safely are asked to do so.

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Coronavirus last

CEO Dave Lewis sent customers an email reminding them to think about buyers who can’t make it to the stores.

In the letter, he wrote, “We know that it is currently difficult to secure a delivery window for online shopping.

“We are at full capacity for the next few weeks and we are asking those who are able to safely come to stores to do so, instead of shopping online, so that we can start freeing up more slots for them.” more vulnerable. “

Visit his website for more information.


An Asda delivery driver
An Asda delivery driver

Asda offers deliveries for customers who spend a minimum of £ 40, with click and collect also working for orders over £ 25.

However, the delivery slots are currently exhausted and Asda does not release home delivery slots at a specific time.

The chain asks customers to shop in stores as much as possible in order to reserve delivery slots for those who self-isolate.

Asda CEO Roger Burnley said: “We are working tirelessly to expand our home shopping operations to make as many slots available to our customers as possible.

“However, the demand for delivery is still very high and we recognize that not everyone will be able to have a time slot. We want to make sure that the 700,000 deliveries we make every week go to those who need it most and who shouldn’t leave their homes.

“This is why I would ask that if possible, if you can go to one of our stores, please do so. “

Visit Asda’s website for more information.


Morrisons delivery is currently in high demand thanks to the release of its £ 35 food box.

There are no delivery slots for two weeks, but the chain said it is slowly doing the “mammoth job” of ensuring customers get their groceries delivered.

When customers try to order one of the boxes, a message appears: “You may notice that the delivery slots for our online grocery service become less and less available as the demand for deliveries increases. home is increasing, “says the website.

“We are working hard to facilitate as many orders as possible, but be aware that you may need to reserve your time more in advance than usual. “

There is no specific time when home delivery slots are vacated, said a spokesperson for Morrisons.

Instead, customers simply need to continue to register on the supermarket’s website.

For more information, visit the Morrisons website here.


Want to work in Iceland?

Iceland offers home deliveries to customers who spend £ 35 or more online, but these are limited to elderly and vulnerable customers at the moment.

On his website, he says, “We understand that this is a troubling time, but many of our customers are the elderly, vulnerable, or self-isolated and cannot go to our stores to buy their essentials.

“This means that we are temporarily limiting online orders to customers who are over retirement age, self-insulating and other vulnerable people, such as people with disabilities.

Find out what your local food bank needs:

“If you have not passed the legal retirement age and can access one of our stores, please use our store locator to find your local Iceland and complete your store there. low.

“We are working hard to add as many delivery slots as possible, but demand is currently very high. Please note that due to the continued high demand in our stores, customers may still miss items in their online orders. “

More information can be found on the Iceland website here.


An Ocado home delivery van

Ocado has informed its customers that there are no new delivery slots for the next few days due to the very high demand.

The Waitrose branch said it releases slot machines as they become available, but sell out extremely quickly.

He also called for temporarily prioritizing deliveries for existing customers, which means new customers will not be offered a delivery window at this time. New customer reservations will not be processed.


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