Latest Google tracking data shows drastic changes in Edinburgh habits during lockout


Edinburgh’s famous Victoria Street deserted during lockout Copyright: jpimedia

New Google data reveals drastic lifestyle changes following the Lothian coronavirus lockout.

The tech giant followed users of his account who opted for his location history service to compare their movements before and after the introduction of travel restrictions.

Statistics have shown that residents heed the warnings and stay away from stores, offices and parks while staying more at home.

Google has traced the travel habits of Edinburgh residents Copyright: other

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“Google has prepared this report to help public health officials understand the responses to the social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19,” said the researchers.

The report covers data from March 29 and compares it to a median reading for the five-week period from January 3 to February 6.

In Edinburgh, the figures showed a massive drop in visits to retail and entertainment stores down 86% as well as to bus and train terminals – with transit stations down 83%.

The number of trips to chemists and grocers was almost half – a 44% drop – while park use fell 42%.

Those who still enter offices and other workplaces have declined by more than two-thirds (67%).

Data has shown that residents stay in place with almost one-fifth (18%) more users in residences.

In East Lothian, retail and leisure trade declined 81%, while grocers and chemists increased more than a third (37%).

The use of transit stations and workplaces has decreased by more than half – 57 percent and 56 percent, respectively.

Park visits fell by more than a third (34%), while the number of people staying at home increased by 17%.

Retail and leisure trade in West Lothian fell by almost three-quarters (74%), while visits to grocers, chemists and parks fell by almost a third (29%) .

Workplace use has halved (50%) and transit stations by 52%, while the number of people staying at home has increased by more than a quarter (27%).

The researchers said the numbers were calculated using the same type of aggregated and anonymized data used to show the popular hours of the places in Google Maps.

Meanwhile, Scottish police chief Iain Livingstone thanked the public for complying with the new social distance locking regulations.

“People recognize that it is their duty to follow these guidelines to protect their fellow citizens, ease the pressure on health services and collectively save lives,” he said.


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