Latest Coronavirus: Trump calls for halt to media briefings as death toll in the United States accelerates


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Number of coronavirus deaths worldwide has surpassed 200,000, according to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University. The increase comes after the UK reported an additional 813 deaths today, making it the fifth country to record more than 20,000 deaths. A total of 2,865,938 people were infected with the virus. About a third of the cases are based in the United States.
The number of people who died in British hospitals as a result of coronavirus has exceeded 20,000, official figures have confirmed. Friday, 813 additional deaths in the UK brought the total to 20,319 at 5 p.m., making the United Kingdom the fifth country to have recorded 20,000 deaths after the United States, Italy, Spain and France , according to Johns Hopkins University.
Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, drew attention to efforts to combat crime during the lockout. The Minister of the Interior said that authorities were removing websites attempting to carry out phishing scams, preventing the sale of fake personal protective equipment and stopping drug trafficking. She said there were a total of £ 2.4 million in losses for fraudsters during the foreclosure.
Spain plans to six week lock – one of the most difficult in the world – allowing people to walk and exercise outside early next month. In a television address on Saturday evening, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez highlighted the decline in the official death toll in the country, less than 400 for each of the past two days, and the reduction in the spread of the virus.
France registered an additional 369 deaths from Covid-19, but continued to experience a steady decline in the number of patients hospitalized or requiring intensive care beds due to the virus. There were a total of 22,614 deaths linked to the coronavirus in France, including 14,050 in hospitals, an increase of 198 during the last day.
The daily coronavirus death toll in Italy fell to its lowest level since March 17, according to the latest official figures. Italy reported 415 deaths on Saturday, compared to 919 at its peak on March 27. The death toll was 26,384, the second highest after the United States. The number of people infected decreased by 680 to 105,847 as recoveries continued to exceed new cases.
Canada has awarded C $ 62.5 million (US $ 44.34 million) to fish and seafood processors to help protect the country’s food supply chain. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged that the past few weeks had been “very difficult” for food suppliers when Covid-19 hit the workforce, and said the government was “actively exploring” additional measures.

Embraer retaliated with Boeing after the US company reneged on a $ 4 billion deal to acquire the regional group’s business of the Brazilian group, saying it “wrongly terminated” the deal. In a statement, Embraer said that Boeing had “fabricated false statements as an excuse to seek to avoid its commitments to complete the transaction.”


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