Latest Coronavirus: India’s frustrated migrant workers in foreclosure clashes


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The United States has become the first country to register more than 20,000 dead related to coronavirus. The total of 20,071, according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Saturday, places the United States at 603 dead ahead of Italy, in second place. The United States also has more than triple the number of confirmed cases than Spain, the second most affected country. Three states in particular have been seriously affected: New York, New Jersey and Michigan are responsible for three out of five deaths in the country.
The number of deaths and intensive care patients for coronavirus in France fell, but Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, urged people to stay at home and continue to respect other measures to stop the spread of the pandemic. He reported an additional 353 deaths in French hospitals and 290 deaths in homes and retirement homes, bringing the total number of Covid-19 deaths since March 1 to 13,832.
The Canadian Parliament should pass a law to implement a 75% wage subsidy for employers who have lost significant income due to Covid-19. The House of Commons met for a rare Saturday session with the minimum number of MPs physically present in Ottawa to do business. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the bill as “the most important economic measures since the Second World War”.
Interior Minister Priti Patel has refused to apologize shortage of personal protective equipment for the staff of the National Health Service on the front line in the fight against coronavirus. When asked at the daily Downing Street briefing if she wanted to apologize for a lack of PPE, Ms. Patel replied, “I’m sorry if people think there have been failures. “
New York Schools will remain closed until the end of the school year in late June, city officials have announced. School Chancellor Richard Carranza, who runs the largest public education system in the United States, said his 1.1 million students would complete the term through online learning.
The owners are about to start legal action against retailers, including Boots and Poundstretcher for refusal to pay rent despite staying open while the coronavirus is locked. The pharmacy chain and the low-cost retailer are among those who will receive statutory notices to force them to pay. Only 41% of retailers paid rent on the last collection day of March 25, according to data compiled by Remit Consulting from six leading property management companies covering more than 25,000 leases.
Family lawyers in the United Kingdom report an increase in inquiries from people hard hit by the economic turmoil caused by coronaviruses seeking to challenge generous divorce settlements following a change in their financial situation. The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the stock markets into chaos and caused unemployment to rise across the UK, causing problems for some divorced people with high maintenance obligations.


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