Latest Coronavirus Card: “Seniors at Risk” After Nursing Homes Invited to Take Patients COVID-19 | United Kingdom | New


Certain nursing homes are invited to welcome patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus. New government guidelines say negative tests for coronavirus are not required until a new patient is admitted. The guidelines state: “Residents may also be admitted to a home care home. Some of these patients may have COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic. All of these patients can be safely cared for in a nursing home if this advice is followed. ”

Graham Greenaway, the owner of the Warberries Nursing Home in Torquay, Devon, told Sky News: “I know that in my particular area, all care owners have been asked to take patients who are COVID-19 positive.

“And I know absolutely everyone said no, and there would be a very good reason for that.” It would be like importing death into nursing homes. “

“Nursing homes did all the right things against all odds – they locked up, cleaned constantly, and worked around the clock.”


Update at 8:30 am: China has not reported any deaths for the first time since the start of the crisis.

There have been 32 new cases in the country – all from overseas

8:25 am update: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not on a fan, according to Michael Gove.

Gove said the prime minister has some oxygen support and that if his condition changes, the government will make an official statement.

He said, “He’s not on a fan, no. The Prime Minister has received some oxygen support and is, of course, under close surveillance. “

Update at 8:10 am: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will declare a state of emergency in parts of the country on Tuesday, including Tokyo.

There has been an increase in coronavirus infections in the country.

“I decided that a situation that seriously affected people’s lives and the economy had arisen. Tonight, I plan to convene a meeting of the government’s headquarters and declare a state of emergency, “said Abe on Tuesday.

He announced the plan a day earlier, citing “a rapid increase in new infections, especially in urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka”.

7:40 am update: Virginia Giuffre who accused Prince Andrew of mistreating her is in hospital with symptoms of coronavirus.

She tweeted, “I’m so scared right now, I’m having trouble breathing, fever and cough. I get tested for Covid-19 praying it won’t be positive. “

Update at 7:50 a.m .: Germany records 3,800 jumps in confirmed cases

Reuters reports that Germany has registered another 3,834 cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number to 99,225, with 1,607 deaths.

7:30 am update: MPs were advised that the police should receive spit guards to prevent offenders from coughing.

The police are said to have coughed by people claiming to have Covid-19.


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