Late night Trump wants to cover his face


“The governor of Louisiana has now ordered the closure of the whole state, banning gatherings of 10 or more, but a pastor in a church near Baton Rouge held services yesterday, attracting hundreds of worshipers, many arriving in 26 buses sent to collect them. It’s just irresponsible. Remember the words of Jesus: “I was naked and you dressed me. I was sick and you put me on a crowded bus? Are you insane? I am contagious! »» – STEPHEN COLBERT

“Now when they got off their plague buses, the pastor told the congregation that they had” nothing to fear but to fear. Sorry, pastor, these days fear is like the third on the list, right after the coronavirus and toilet paper. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“OK, folks, just because Jesus is on your side doesn’t mean you can’t get sick. Remember: Jesus was on the side of Jesus and died, O.K.? Yes, he came back, but it was like a unique thing. I think it’s like Mario Brothers lives – maybe there are two left. ” – TREVOR NOAH

“And you know it’s funny how these same people say that Jesus will protect them from the coronavirus, they are the same people who get their weapons. I do not understand. Won’t the blood of Jesus protect you from an intruder? [imitating gun owner] “No, I’m going with buckshot with this one. He needs Jesus more than I do. ” – TREVOR NOAH

An animated version of Malcolm Gladwell appeared in “Desus & Mero” Monday evening when he pleaded for friendly New Yorkers.


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