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Many have suggested that the prince would seek citizenship in the new Los Angeles home with Meghan Markle and her son Archie Harrison. The trio recently left Canada, where they had been staying for several months, moving into a home in the hometown of Meghan, California.

The move took place only a few days before the couple officially separated from the royal family and its subsequent functions.

Now, according to E! News, a source revealed that Harry would not yet seek to make the United States a part of him.

The source said, “Harry will not be applying for a green card or dual citizenship anytime soon, which will surprise many people, as this is what most people thought he would do when moving to the United States. . “

If Harry wanted to apply for citizenship, he would have to give up his royal title, according to the Sunday Times.

He would also be forced to pay taxes on his earnings from around the world.

It is currently unknown whether the prince entered the United States under a 90-day visa waiver program available to most Britons, or whether he obtained a diplomatic or other special visa.

Many have drawn attention to the prince’s monetary value – which is said to be between £ 20 million and £ 36 million – and how it would qualify him for a business visa if he wanted to invest in the United States.

The card also features an O-1 visa for “people with extraordinary abilities or achievements,” according to the Sunday Times.

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She came after months of intense media monitoring of Meghan.

They managed to enter the United States from Canada just before the border closed and were greeted with moderate surprise.

US President Donald Trump took the time to present himself in a characteristic style and tweeted, “The United States will not pay for their security protection.

“They have to pay!” “

They issued a quick refusal and explained that they had “no intention of asking the US government for security resources”.

They added that: “Security arrangements financed by private funds have been made. “

Meghan and Harry will no longer use their old royal identities, the term “Sussex Royal”, and will try to forge a new identity for themselves.

In their latest royal article on Instagram, they explained that they “are concentrating this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute.”

As soon as LA returns to the status quo after the pandemic, the pair should rise to the top of everyone’s invitation lists.

Melanie Bromley, chief news correspondent and head of information operations for E!, Said: “In the end, it’s a city where royalty takes precedence over fame.

“They’re potentially Los Angeles’ most famous residents – or at least they’re on par with Oprah (Winfrey), like that kind of celebrity, the AAA list.” “


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