Lakeridge Health Reports COVID-19 Outbreak at Oshawa Hospital


Lakeridge Health has reported an outbreak of COVID-19 in a hospital unit at Oshawa Hospital.

According to an internal document, there was a case of COVID-19 acquired at the hospital and a health worker treating the patient was also tested positive for COVID-19.

“In accordance with established protocols for the management of epidemics in institutions, the unit is temporarily closed to admissions,” the hospital said in a statement. “People who test positive have been appropriately isolated, are receiving care and are being monitored by the HDRD.”

The hospital said it made the decision in partnership with the Durham region health department, but noted that there were no defined criteria for a COVID-19 outbreak.

Other patients in the unit are currently under surveillance for the development of respiratory symptoms.

“Lakeridge Health’s infection and control teams and clinical teams are well trained and equipped to respond to outbreaks of communicable diseases like this one and have taken all appropriate measures to limit the risk of transmission and protect the safety of patients and staff, “added the hospital in a statement.


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