Labor mayor kicked out of party for coronavirus post Boris Johnson


A Labor mayor was expelled from the party after declaring that Boris Johnson “completely deserved” his battle for intensive care against the coronavirus.

Councilor Sheila Oakes, who is currently mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire, made rude comments on social media.

She said: “Sorry, he completely deserves it and he is one of the worst PMs we have ever had. “

Miss Oakes then apologized “without reservation”, but the Labor Party has now removed the whip, effectively chasing her.

Johnson was transferred to an intensive care unit at St Thomas’s Hospital in Westminster on Monday evening as his symptoms worsened. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday.

Mayor Sheila Oakes (photo) said Boris Johnson

Mayor Sheila Oakes (photo) said Boris Johnson “completely deserves” his battle with coronavirus in intensive care

Boris Johnson April 3

Boris Johnson (pictured as his health deteriorated on April 3) spent the night in intensive care but there was “no change” in his coronavirus status

Miss Oakes will keep her seat until the next election, but she is now an independent politician.

A spokesperson for the Amber Valley Labor Group said: “Following Cllr Oakes’ comments on social media, which we wholeheartedly condemn, the Amber Valley Labor group withdrew the whip this morning, and can now announce this now. that the whip spoke to Cllr Oakes.

“This means that Cllr Oakes is not currently sitting as a labor advisor and that due process will follow.

“We wish the Prime Minister, and all those who suffer from this terrible disease, a speedy recovery and extend love and solidarity to them and their families.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further until the due process has run its course. “

Councilor Kevin Buttery, head of the Conservative Group at the Amber Valley Borough Council, said, “This is a time of great concern for Boris Johnson, his family, friends and, in fact, the nation.

“To say that I find Councilor Sheila Oakes’ comments unpleasant and repulsive is an understatement.

“As the local mayor, she should act apolitically because she represents the city, which is clearly not the case under these circumstances. “

Miss Oakes is just one of many leftist trolls who have targeted the Prime Minister on social media.

Others quoted the words of rapper Stormzy ‘f *** Boris’ and some even welcomed the idea of ​​his death.

Twitter user @bibagirl wrote: ‘Poor Boris? No, poor NHS. F *** this scruffy man.

Another, using the @ Corby2209 handle, said, “Stormzy said that f *** Boris and Corona did the rest. Miguel Suarez tweeted: ‘Boris Johnson in the USI f *** yeah.’

The 55-year-old man was transferred to intensive care at 7 p.m. due to breathing difficulties – forcing him to “replace” Foreign Minister Dominic Raab to take over the government.

Piers Morgan criticized Twitter users for celebrating the fact that Boris Johnson is in intensive care while fighting coronavirus.

At today’s Good Morning Britain, host Piers Morgan told them to “shut up” in a furious tirade.

He said, “To people on social media who don’t find themselves positive for the Prime Minister right now, who want to abuse it – if you are of that mind, shut up .

Piers Morgan, photographed at Good Morning Britain today, criticized those celebrating the condition of the Prime Minister

Piers Morgan, photographed at today’s Good Morning Britain, criticized those celebrating the condition of the Prime Minister

“Nobody wants to hear that. No one wants to hear trolls against Boris Johnson. Stop that. Honestly, it’s beyond imagination that this should be your thinking process. Man is fighting for his life.

He came after he waded in the row on Twitter last night, saying, “If you have nothing positive to say about Boris Johnson here tonight, then close the f ***. The man is our Prime Minister and he is fighting for his life.

In a series of interviews released this morning, cabinet Michael Gove said that Johnson received “the best care.”

“As we speak, the PM is in intensive care and his medical team is receiving the best care from the St Thomas team and our hopes and prayers are with him and his family,” he told BBC Breakfast.

He said that Mr. Johnson’s plight should demonstrate the need to follow the rules of social distancing, as the virus “has a malevolence that is truly frightening.”

Newly appointed Labor Party leader Keir Starmer wished the Prime Minister good luck last night, tweeting, “Terribly sad news. All the thoughts of the country are with the Prime Minister and his family at this incredibly difficult time.

And London Mayor Sadiq Khan said last night that he was praying for Mr. Johnson’s speedy recovery.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage tweeted, “I hope and pray that @BorisJohnson will get through this ordeal quickly. “

Worried Britons showed their support for the Prime Minister on Twitter using the hashtag #PrayForBoris, with some suggesting that people end up clapping for the Conservative leader at 8 p.m. in a demonstration of support similar to that of NHS workers in recent days.

Twitter user Dillon Hughes-Moretti wrote, “Hang on Boris. Your friends, family, colleagues and your country desperately need you. “

Tom Edwards said, “Mr. Johnson, now – more than ever in your lifetime – your country needs you. Come on, old man. You have that.


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