La Quinta registers the first death of coronavirus, more than 150 cases of additional coronavirus confirmed throughout the county


Riverside County health officials released new data on Sunday afternoon, showing changes in the number of cases for Covid-19, or coronavirus.

The mapping program used by the county indicated a recently recorded death at La Quinta. This is the first death recorded for an inhabitant of this city.

However, a 25-year-old man from San Diego died at La Quinta in March while quarantined. Although the man died in Riverside County, it does not change the death toll throughout the county since he was not a resident of Riverside County.

The total number of deaths in the county now stands at 118. On Saturday, five more deaths were added across the county.

The Quinta has also seen an increase in the number of cases. There are now a dozen confirmed cases of additional coronavirus in the city. Coachella also saw an increase of 12 cases from Saturday’s findings.

Every city in Coachella Valley, with the exception of Desert Hot Springs, has seen a daily increase in the number of cases.

Testing is also on the rise, which may be behind the increased number of cases diagnosed. The figures show that there are now 41,753 tests. It’s a jump of 5590 more than Saturday.

You can take a test even if you have no symptoms. The test was expanded to include all residents on April 17.

Recoveries are also increasing in Riverside County, reaching 1,207.

Health officials define “recovered” people as “confirmed live cases who no longer exhibit symptoms and who have met the isolation requirements as determined by the current public health investigation.”

A notable figure is the drop in hospitalizations. On Saturday, 82 people were in intensive care out of the 223 hospitalized. Sunday’s data shows 81 in ICU and 218 hospitalized.

Overall, the number of confirmed cases is now 3,563. This is 154 more than Saturday.

Many cities and communities in the Coachella Valley have seen an increase in the number of confirmed cases in their area. Below is a breakdown of our current situation.

Cases by cities and communities of Coachella Valley (at 04/26/2020)
Bermuda Dunes
Confirmed cases: 4
Death: 0
Confirmed cases: 3
Death: 1
· Cathedral City
Confirmed cases: 78
Death: 1
Confirmed cases: 119
Death: 2
· Desert Edge
Confirmed cases: 3
Death: 0
· Desert hot springs
Confirmed cases: 30
Death: 0
· Desert palm trees
Confirmed cases: 5
Death: 0
Confirmed cases: 8
Death: 0
· Indian goods
Confirmed cases: 11
Death: 0
Confirmed cases: 120
Death: 3
· The quinta
Confirmed cases: 61
Death: 1
Confirmed cases: 22
Death: 0
Confirmed cases: 7
Death: 0
Palm Desert
Confirmed cases: 76
Death: 5
Palm Springs
Confirmed cases: 91
Death: 9
Rancho Mirage
Confirmed cases: 24
Death: 3
Sky Valley
Confirmed cases: 3
Death: 0
· Thermal
Confirmed cases: 9
Death: 0
A thousand palm trees
Confirmed cases: 4
Death: 0
· County prisons
There are 135 cases in county prisons; 94 recovered

Source: Riverside County Public Health

How to get tested

You can take a test even if you have no symptoms. The test was expanded to include all residents on April 17.

If you would like to be tested at a Riverside County test site, you will need to call 800-945-6171 to schedule an appointment. Officials said the turnaround time for test results was generally 3 to 4 days. If you have a medical emergency, call 911.

If you want to be seen at Eisenhower Health, call their 24-hour anti-coronavirus hotline first at 760-837-8988 or 760-TEST988. Avoid the spread of this disease.

You can call the Centers for Disease Control with any questions at 211 and 800 – CDC –INFO (800 – 232 – 4636).

Some restrictions have recently been lifted

The county eased restrictions on some private pools on Friday. Now, one person at a time can enjoy the water in previously closed pools, including those in country clubs, hotels, motels, and apartment complexes. There are still additional restrictions, such as removing all pool furniture.

Earlier last week, county officials again authorized golf. This sport is now practiced throughout the region, with some safety measures in place. Coronavirus: answers to questions. Frequently asked questions

Additional measures in Palm Springs

Over the weekend, city leaders from Palm Springs took additional steps to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

A new “additional prescription” aims to increase safety in grocery stores and pharmacies in Palm Springs. Inside that, “Stores must follow a policy of not serving anyone not wearing a face covering. “

Late Saturday afternoon, the City of Palm Springs announced that it will extend the moratorium on most short-term accommodation until May 31, 2020. Short-term accommodation includes hotels, vacation rentals , timeshare and timeshare. In addition, the order authorizes the operators of these establishments to rent to victims or witnesses of domestic violence under COVID-19.


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