Kroger Announces Intent To Limit Number Of Customers In Stores | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio


Kroger has released his plan to limit the number of buyers in his stores to encourage social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The plan will begin on April 7 and would limit the number of customers to one person to around 120 square feet.

This is an adjustment of his usual person to about 60 square feet, which corresponds to the standard construction capacity of a grocery store.

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The plan is in place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Kroger said he would monitor the number of people per square foot using the technology he already uses to count the number of people entering and leaving stores.

“Kroger’s introduction of capacity limits for customers is another way we are doing our part to flatten the curve while operating as a core business, providing our customers with access to fresh, affordable food and products.” Said Mary Ellen Adcock, Kroger’s senior vice president. operations.

“During this national pandemic, we are committed to taking preventive measures to help protect the safety and health of our associates, customers and communities.”

Kroger also announced that it has implemented the following, according to a company statement:

Protective masks and gloves for associates
The Kroger family of companies encourages associates to wear protective masks and gloves. The retailer has ordered masks for associates nationwide, with supplies starting to arrive in some areas and anticipation of all locations having supplies by the end of this week.

Associated well-being checks
The Kroger family of business associates ask associates to closely monitor their health and take their temperature at home before coming to work. If they experience symptoms, including fever, they are encouraged to contact their health care provider and stay at home. Under its expanded COVID-19 Emergency Leave Guidelines, associates who self-isolate or have symptoms verified by a healthcare professional are eligible to receive their standard salary for up to two weeks ( 14 days).

The retailer started testing the temperature controls in its distribution centers several weeks ago and is starting to expand the temperature controls associated with the stores. Kroger and its affiliates comply with local ordinances in cities or counties that require employee temperature checks, and associates can also request that their temperature be taken at work.

Drive one-way aisles in certain markets
The Kroger family of companies has begun testing one-way aisles in selected markets to determine its effectiveness as a measure to further support physical distance.

Dispensed dispensing fees
The Kroger family of pharmacies temporarily waives the cost of prescribing by mail or courier. To learn more about options and availability, customers should contact their local pharmacy.

Pursue Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero waste commitment
As part of Kroger’s commitment to end hunger and eliminate waste in its communities by 2025, the retailer continues to allow customers to use reusable shopping bags, provided that none national or local ordinance prohibits use. The retailer encourages customers to frequently clean and wipe their reusable shopping bags to help maintain a safe shopping environment.

Reduced vacation hours
The Kroger family of businesses will close early on Easter Sunday, April 12, to give associates more time to rest and be with their families. Hours of operation during holidays vary by location and market.


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