Kristin Cavallari Makes Statements About Jay Cutler’s Wedding


New details are emerging on the distribution of Kristin Cavallariand Jay Cutlerthe marriage of.

On Wednesday, reality TV stars filed new papers in their divorce, which they announced this week. According to the documents obtained by E! News, Kristin says Jay is blocking her attempt to buy a new home for herself and their three children. Although Jay’s emergency file has been sealed, Kristin says in his response that he and his lawyer refuse to allow their chief financial officer to release the funds Kristin needs to purchase the home.

According to the file, Kristin started looking for a new home in the fall of 2019 because things were “so bad” in their marriage. At the time, she found a house she loved and started the process of buying a house, which Jay “never objected to.”

However, she stopped the process when she and her husband tried to save their marriage. After a while, however, according to the documents, they “realized that the attempt at reconciliation was not working and knew that a divorce was inevitable.”

In early March, the two men began talking about their divorce and planning how they were going to proceed, including their custody and living conditions. With these discussions in mind, Kristin again resumed the process of buying a house upon their return from the Bahamas and assumed that Jay would agree to it due to his “lack of objection in November” .

However, Jay later informed her, “Her lawyer was going to tell their manager not to release the funds,” which Kristin thinks he did to “punish her.” Kristin’s lawyer says, “This is typical of the husband’s behavior towards his wife. “

In addition, she alleges that he “tried to intimidate” Kristin by accepting a proposed parenting plan which is “unfavorable” to him by preventing the purchase. In addition, she says, “He also informed that he was not going to leave the marital home. “

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler


Before learning of her divorce request, she and Jay were each spending three days and three days off with their three children, as sources had already told E!

But as the documents point out, “The wife does not think it is in the interest of either party or their minor children to reside in the same household … The wife fears that if the parties are required to stay in the same residence, it would be an unhealthy environment, causing irreparable damage to their minor children. “

“The husband makes inappropriate statements to and about his wife and tries to make her argue in front of their minor children. Now that the husband has announced that he will not be leaving so that the wife can have parental time with the children, the wife is concerned that the situation will escalate, “it is further alleged.

In conclusion, Kristin asks the judge to authorize her to use ” her portion of their funds “to buy the new house.”

E! The news contacted their representatives for comments.

– Report by Jessica Finn


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