Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard admit tensions amidst isolation


Shepard agreed. “We get along well with children and we get along well with adults with whom we are friends. It was stressful for mom and dad, ”he told Couric.

But it seems that the lovebirds discover it with humor and being alone in the house.

The “Frozen” star also admitted to abandoning a strict, color-coded schedule for her children, she told ET.

“I was making everyone miserable,” she said. “The kids hated that I was trying to stick to the schedule. About a week ago, I woke them up and said, “This is your most important mission to date. Stand up. I brought them into the kitchen and got them ripped off. ”

The lesson: “If you make a plan and it doesn’t work, you pivot,” she said. Now the family is working to “reconnect”.

In addition, they seem to be busy. Bell recently hosted an hour-long special for Nickelodeon to help answer youth questions about the coronavirus pandemic. And the couple are doing their part to help with the relief – they have waived April rent for their Los Angeles tenants.

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