Kourtney Kardashian suggests she is pregnant with a fourth child with a cryptic belly photo


Kourtney Kardashian suggested that she try for her fourth child after sharing an enigmatic comment.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 40, sparked enthusiasm when she responded to an Instagram fan who asked if she was expecting another child.

The proud mother of three sparked speculation after posting a sensual snapshot of herself on Instagram that showcased her enviable figure, but more specifically, her belly.

Posing a storm in a long orange button-down shirt and matching underwear, the reality star looked elegant.

Despite this, it seems that her followers were less concerned about her choice of attire and more concerned that she “looked pregnant”.

After a curious fan finds the courage to ask “are you pregnant? The star decided not to close the question or slam the follower for making assumptions.

Instead, Kourt added fuel to the already lit fire, implying that she is praying to have another child as soon as possible.

Responding to her puzzled fan, the 40-year-old woman cryptically shared a prayer emoji before adding, “Put the blessing there.”

The star did not deny speculation about pregnancy

Kourtney hinted that she wanted a fourth child

It didn’t take the eagle-eyed fans long to notice, as they hurried to share their thoughts on the surprising response.

A puzzled disciple wrote, “Oh my god, she didn’t deny it! My mind is amazed, she is trying to have a baby ?! “

While another said, “She’s the cutest! So that means she’s trying, and is it with Scott ?! “

One commented, “It would make complete sense to know why she has been so crazy to follow the Kardashians lately! “

Kourt already shares three children with Scott

And another wrote, “Awh Kourtney, she wants another baby. I’m so glad someone asked this question now! “

Kourtney is already sharing three children with former partner Scott Disick – Mason, 10, Penelope, seven, and Reign, five.

Despite the fact that her fans shared their thoughts that she would like to have another child with Scott so that all of her children share the same parents, others have speculated that if she were to have another child, it would be with her current flame Younes Bendjima.

The 40-year-old star shared a Bible quote on social media last week that says God will force an epidemic on the globe

The brunette beauty would see the model again after the pair’s breakup in 2019.

Speculation about Kourtney’s baby comes after the star was called after hinting that the deadly pandemic currently sweeping the word is God’s punishment for “evil.”

The reality TV star shared a Bible quote on social media last week that said God will force an epidemic on the globe.

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The passage reads as follows: “Whenever I hold the rain or send locusts to eat the crops or send an epidemic on my people, if they pray to me, repent and turn away from the harm they have done, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins and make their land prosperous again. ”

The mother of three republished the snapshot of her Instgram story and her Twitter account next to the words “Watch out for the kids”.

Social media enthusiasts did not hesitate with their thoughts on the controversial message.


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