Kop 10: Liverpool’s most prolific penalty


                                Steven Gerrard a montré son impitoyabilité sur place ce jour-là en 2014 lorsqu'il a converti deux pénalités pour assurer une victoire 2-1 à West Ham United en Premier League.

L'ancien capitaine des Reds avait la capacité inestimable de trouver constamment le fond du filet à 12 mètres, avec un certain nombre d'autres joueurs de l'histoire du club.

As such, we searched the record books to rank Liverpool’s most prolific punishers …

1. Steven Gerrard – 47 penalties marked

Relive seven beautiful penalties from Steven Gerrard

No player has scored more time for Liverpool than Gerrard. Nerve of steel and starting technique, the midfielder scored his first against Birmingham City in 2003 and his last against Tottenham Hotspur more than 11 years later. He said, “You choose your spot, don’t change your mind on approach, make sure you have very good contact with the ball and try to be as specific as possible. “

2. Jan Molby – 42 penalties marked

“My technique was to wait for the goalkeeper to move one way and then stick the ball to the other side. Everything was so simple for the Great Dane. Surprisingly, Molby only missed three penalties in a Liverpool jersey. He also had a hat-trick treble in Coventry City in 1986 in a League Cup tie.

3. Phil Neal – 38 marked penalties

The first Liverpool player to score a penalty in the 90 minutes of a European Cup final. Neal, the club’s most decorated player and back side by trade, put the finishing touches on the 3-1 victory over Borussia Moenchengladbach in Rome in 1977.

4. Billy Liddell – 34 penalties scored

Two minutes after scoring his first Liverpool penalty against Middlesbrough, Liddell took another but ended up missing. However, this has proven to be a rarity throughout the attacker’s scorched career.

5. Tommy Smith – 22 penalties marked

The Anfield Iron more than willingly took responsibility for the penalty spot, despite their defender status.

6. Robbie Fowler – 20 penalties scored

Probably Fowler’s most famous kick was the one he didn’t want and had saved. In 1997, at Arsenal, Liverpool received a penalty when goalkeeper David Seaman was tried for dropping Fowler into the box. Rather athletic, Fowler insisted the referee that no foul had been committed and would subsequently be congratulated by UEFA for such a gesture. With the decision already made, however, Fowler intervened but saw his effort countered by the deckhand. Fortunately for Liverpool, Jason McAteer converted the rebound into a 2-1 victory.

7. James Milner – 19 penalties marked

The current vice-captain continues to climb this list, having scored three penalties in 2019-20. “The rule for us is that Millie is the taker,” said Jürgen Klopp of the team’s penalty shootout. Number 7 has only missed twice in five seasons at Anfield.

8. John Aldridge – 17 penalties scored

Scouse forward’s ultimate goal for his childhood club came from there in the 9-0 home victory over Crystal Palace in September 1989.

= 9. Terry McDermott (photo) and Gordon Hodgson – 16 penalties scored

McDermott’s 16 converted penalties occurred in the second half (November 1978 to February 1982) of his eight-year career in Liverpool. Born in South Africa, Hodgson, meanwhile, scored 241 goals in total between 1926 and 1935 as a Rouge.



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