Kodak Black accuses young NBA boy of cooperating with police


Kodak Black and YoungBoy Never Broke Again exchange shots after incarcerated Florida rapper recently accused NBA YoungBoy of cooperating with police in the recent stabbing incident at his Houston home.

As previously reported, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather, was arrested for stabbing the alleged mother of NBA boy YoungBoy following a dispute Saturday morning (April 4). YoungBoy was briefly detained at the scene by the police following the incident, but is said to have been released after the authorities resolved the matter. Even behind bars, Kodak Black apparently still gets the whole scoop. On Saturday evening, Kodak responded to a blog post about the incident, which reported that YoungBoy “fully cooperated with the authorities” in the matter. Apparently, the wording did not suit Bill.

“The hell they mean fully cooperated LOL,” asked Kodak, or the person who manages his IG account. “They don’t say a little bit Bih, they say Bih quite LOL Anyway, that word isn’t even put down to be attached to your name @nba_youngboy. Dam Lil Bra Don’t Do Dat Lil Girl Like Dat Man! Don’t Do That Lil Girl Like Dat! I mean I’m locked up, but this shit looks like Otha shit, you say something. “

Trying to make sense of it, he added, “This shit looks like U is scared Dem Ppl is gone Try to load U Wit It or something if U SCREAMED..Dat Ain’t Da Drip Man U Kno We Don’t Holla @ Dem Ppl! Un de Dem Niggaz Inna Hize Wit U Can’ta Parler à Dem Folks B4 U Did Cuz U Don’t Kno Shit Smh Where Ya Coach Was @nba_youngboy Smh I See Ima Have to Write UA Letter And Tie Yo Shoes Fa U Lil Bra. Free @ZodakRedd. “

Of course, when YoungBoy heard about Kodak’s accusations, he responded. Jumping on Instagram Live, he entered.

“I never paid attention to any nigga. Especially, from no muthafuckin cell, nigga. What the fuck is this nigga looking at me? he snapped. “So what does the nigga say? A nigga says I cooperated. “What are you a stupid bitch? “Bout my wife?” “

YoungBoy leaves and wakes up Iyanna, who appears in the clip, verifying that she has been released from prison and that they are still together.

Artist JackBoy of Kodak’s Sniper Gang then inserted himself into the bubbling beef. He called NBA YoungBoy on his IG Live, saying YoungBoy doesn’t take care of his homeboys.

“Do it man, damn Nikes, man. All your friends broke like a bitch. You don’t give your niggas money, man, “said JackBoy. “Get them out, damn Nikes.” You don’t give money to your niggas. You are nigga sluts. All of you niggas. We don’t play basketball, we in the NFL, bitch. “

YoungBoy cheered again on his IG Live where he claimed that his friend was having sex with a woman JackBoy was dealing with.

“I never hate a nigga … Said there is no shit or anything I have left for myself, these niggas with their assholes hurt something”, he added to his story IG . “Why talk about me? I’m not doing your ass shit. “

NBA_YoungBoy via Instagram

Kodak Black was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison for New York. The sentence will be served at the same time as the federal sentence he is currently serving. He recently announced his new Kill bill the album will be released soon.

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