Kindness of the coronavirus: man serves free coffee to essential workers from the window of the house


SAN FRANCISCO, California – A kind-hearted man brings joy to his neighborhood by serving free coffee to essential workers. Ben Ramirez waits by his open window with a sign outside that says “Free Coffee”.

When he sees a postman or a caregiver passing by, he offers his services. The barista says that he has the location and the resources to get there.

“I always wanted to do something through this window,” said Ramirez.

He has a toy gorilla hand, perfect for the socially distant passage of coffee.

“Keep my distance from people with this little guy … This is how I deliver coffee to people … With this little arm that I stole from my son,” he said, holding the hand of the toy.

Ramirez says he had the supplies because he is an aspiring owner of a cafe and has taken classes.

He saw an opportunity to train and distribute essential “pick-me-ups” when cafes were to close.

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