Kimmy Gabriela stuns with Ariana Grande on “Idol”: Watch


Kimmy Gabriela doesn’t need a stage or an audience. the American Idol The candidate played Sunday evening for the new format at home. And she totally took it to the “next level” with a performance of Ariana Grande hit.

The teenage singer from Lakeland, Florida looked at the camera and delivered the goods with Ari’s cover of “Leave Me Lonely”. She knew it was a good thing, as family members flocked to her for hugs and congratulatory kisses.

“I feel like you’ve made a little character evolution since we separated, from Hawaii,” said Katy Perry, who underwent her own character evolution when she gave her criticism while dressing like a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. “You start to know who you are. “

“Excellent work,” said Luke Bryan, who describes her as a “world class” singer. “What I think is really impressive is the way you navigate your notes. “

Lionel Richie paid tribute to his attitude. “You had me on the edge of my emotions,” he said, “you took it to the next level. “

Look below.


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