Kim Kardashian West critics think she uses her kids to stay relevant


The world may be obsessed with Kim Kardashian West, but they’re even more obsessed with their four children. With husband Kanye West, KarJenner’s second eldest has the largest number of siblings. North West (six), Saint West (4), Chicago West (2) and Psalm West (11 months) certainly give the founder of KKW Fragrance a run for their money at times. However, since its quarantine, Kardashian West has struggled to rub shoulders with its children 24/7.

Kim Kardashian West and 1/4 of his children North West
Kim Kardashian West and North West | Rich Fury / Forum photos via Getty Images

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Kardashian West, his children and the rest of California were forced to stay inside their homes, except for essential travel. Although she lives in a huge mansion, Kardashian Wst finds it difficult to entertain her children. Besides, she shared that they just wouldn’t leave her and would feel compelled to be wherever she was.

Kim Kardashian West is stuck in his house with his children

In a recent interview, Kardashian West said she was hiding from her children at her mother’s home, Kris Jenner, at home. In addition, she recently published a beauty tutorial featuring products from her beauty line, KKW Beauty. In the video, Kardashian West is interrupted by North who hilariously says that she is mean after Kardashian West has revealed that she has been hiding in the guest room because her children will not leave her alone.

The makeup tutorial video featuring North was funny and related to many parents who are trapped at home with their children. Even the toughest critics of Kardashian West seemed to find the video humorous and said that they had never seen the 39-year-old player be closer. Since then, Kardashian West has recorded another video (shared by the Governor of California) which shows North interrupting his mother repeatedly.

Fans find makeup tycoon relatable

Again, North’s constant interruptions were well received by fans. “I identify with that at the biblical level – send help,” wrote one in the comments. “She’s so easy to tell and I love this version of Kim,” co-signed another person. ” I hate her. Like hatred. But I loved this video, “said one reviewer about the video. However, not everyone found the video enjoyable. In fact, some people have suggested that Kardashian West is encouraging North to behave this way on purpose.

Although much of the world tolerates KarJenners, they have been more watched than usual thanks to the coronavirus. Kardashian West, in particular, has received negative reactions for not giving more money, making dull statements, reigniting a feud with Taylor Swift, and encouraging fans to buy products despite most people in the midst of an economic crisis.

Kardashian West’s videos of her frustration with her children were among the first good press she has received in a while, which is a break from criticism and people completely ignoring her. Many critics believe that she intentionally attempted to reproduce her first video to appear more relevant and to remain relevant.

Critics accuse Kardashian West of using children to stay relevant

“The reality that you are unaware of his daughter’s planned provocation for entertainment rather than serious marketing is beyond me. Are you all inconsistent or just naive? A person interviewed on Instagram. “I knew right away. However, I think the last video she made was not planned, but its reception was so positive that she decided to orchestrate it and it failed, “said another person. .

“She saw the attention that the first video drew … so now we have to deal with this everyday lol. There are six nannies in this house, I’m sure someone could entertain her, “added another person. We have no idea whether Kardashian West really uses its children to appear more accessible or to remain relevant. But if it is, it certainly works on some level.


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