Killing Eve star Sandra Oh reveals all about the sexy scenes with co-star Jodie Comer


Sandra Oh has revealed exactly what drives her racy scenes with Killing Eve co-star Jodie Comer.

The 48-year-old plays M15 agent Eve Polastri, who is constantly chasing Villanelle after the start of series three last week.

It’s the relationship that makes fans of the series talk.

Killing Eve drew eight million viewers upon return and one of the stars revealed what makes the sexually charged scenes with Jodie so intense

Viewers are now anxious to see what will happen after the steamy series opens.

The scenes certainly made the fans talk

Sandra says that it is the sense of mysticism that does what it is.

She told the Sun, “We are really diving into the relationship. We both understand that there is a lot of mystery between Eve and Villanelle and we play it as such.

“Usually what happens is that, historically speaking, Eve and Villanelle are separated and at some point they cross paths and then have their story together.

Sandra says it’s a matter of mystery

“Jodie and I have a deep relationship. At this point, after doing three seasons, we trust each other when the magic happens. This is how we work. ”

The writer for the new series explained why she killed a major character.

Suzanne Heathcote succeeded Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emerald Fennell to write the new series.

It was a controversial start – fans were not happy that a loved character was killed.

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Eve’s friend and former colleague Kenny Stowton has died, leaving some to express their fury on social media.

But the writer told TV Line, “We also mourn the character … Kenny is a fantastic character, he is well-loved, and Sean [Delaney] is a fantastic actor. “

“We knew that after all that had happened [in Season 2], to bring Eve back, it had to be something monumental. ”


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