Killing Eve Recap Season 3 Episode 3: Meetings Have Cookies


Killing Eve

Meetings have cookies

Season 3

Episode 3

Editor’s note

3 stars

Photo: Ludovic Robert / Sid Gentle Films / BBC America

“Meetings Have Biscuits” is by far the strongest episode of the third season so far. It’s not just how Villanelle and Eve collide. This is what fuels the physically raw confrontation at the center of the episode: desire. In Killing Eve, desire is brutally written on the body of the characters. The characters return from the land of bruised, bloodied desire – just look at Eve’s bullet wound scar that we saw in the first episode of the season. As Konstantin mentioned to Eve last week, the bullets leave something. What is the story of these injuries for Eve?

In many ways, the passionate and dynamic sharing of Villanelle and Eve pushes Eve to exist in her body and to face her hidden desires in an exciting way. But desire cannot be fully captured if you refuse to name it, face it. Villanelle, on the other hand, does not only know how to put a name to desire – she devours it wholeheartedly. She knows what she wants, whether it’s the new desire to find her family presented at the end of the episode, or just to play with her targets.


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