Killing Eve Recap, Season 3 Episode 2: “Management Sucks”


Killing Eve

Management sucks

Season 3

Episode 2

Editor’s note

3 stars

Photo: Nick Wall / BBCA

Mourning is a strange bed companion. It mutates, changes shape, surprises. It enters our lives and creates models that reorganize our understanding of ourselves. When my beloved cousin died early last year from an previously undetected heart problem, after the initial shock, I found myself unmoored. It was as if the grief had burned everything down until I could concentrate. Grief takes up space – and in this week’s episode Killing Eve, he does it mainly through the stories of Carolyn and Eve, who find their lives filled with grief in radically different ways.

Mourning is easier to read on Eve, whose expressive face often reminds us of the depth of emotion she wants to hide. Everything is there the first time we see her in “Management Sucks”, standing under a rain-covered canopy in front of Kenny’s funeral service, one hand holding his cigarette, the other an almost empty glass of red wine. After accidentally dropping his cigarette in a puddle, it is exploded by the smoke of a man’s vapor. “You have to switch to electricity,” he says. He continues to talk to her about how she will get drunk before the service ends, about her inability to open the door. He follows her until she calls him cocky. It is only later that she discovers that this man is Jamie (Danny Sapani), Kenny’s boss at Bitter Pill – although that does not warm them up. If anything, she remains suspicious of him and confused by her grief.


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