Key moments that could help Jadon Sancho get to Manchester United in the transfer window


Jadon Sancho’s progression to one of Europe’s most promising young talents has sparked keen interest at Old Trafford.

Manchester United have been interested in the Borussia Dortmund star since before leaving Man City and are expected to make their way when the transfer window opens again.

Any chance of signing for the England international could depend on competition from other clubs, including Liverpool and Chelsea, but also on the amount Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is prepared to spend on the youngster.

With costs over 100 million pounds cited by the German side, any move for Sancho will require careful screening and assurance that he can become a star for United.

In terms of integrating into the Solskjaer system, the former City player has a number of attributes that could be very effective in the usual United 4-2-3-1.

To the right of the three attacking midfielders, Sancho’s rhythm, dribbling and chance creation make him one of the best in his position.

With 30 goal contributions in 23 Bundesliga games this season, his form indicates that spending a lot of money on such a talented long-term investment would be worth it.

Some key moments from his current campaign with Dortmund help demonstrate why Sancho is probably worth the high price and could be a perfect fit for United…

Superb goal at Camp Nou (Nov 27, 2019)

Sancho’s goal in a 3-1 defeat to Barcelona may be mere consolation, but it proves that he has the ability to find the back of the net against even the best.

Unlike most of his goals, this strike has demonstrated his ability to move away from defenders in tight spaces.

The impressive effort that flew in the upper right corner after Marc-André Ter Stegen may well have been noted by the United recruiting team.

Jadon Sancho takes his shot in the upper right corner.

Clinical end after a long race against Frankfurt (February 14, 2020)

In a more typical Sancho style, his goal against Eintracht Frankfurt demonstrated his ability to run at the pace of the ball and keep his cool.

His long run could easily have ended in poor decision-making, but he sends the recovering defender to the ground with a well-executed dummy. The resulting arrival in front of the goalkeeper closed a great game of individual play.

In terms of potential to play for United, this type of goal is something that reflects the playing style of Marcus Rashford and Daniel James.

The pace on the team’s front line means Sancho wouldn’t seem out of place if he signed for the club.

Jadon Sancho takes a false shot before shooting in front of the Frankfurt goalkeeper.

Creating chances for teammates against Bremen (4 Feb 2020)

The first two moments show that Sancho scores goals, but creating opportunities for his teammates is just as influential in his game.

Again, we see him running with the ball to the beat after beating the press in the midfield before finding the perfect pass to choose an offensive run.

This level of incision shows an additional layer of quality that would be useful in the United attack

So far this season, they have often failed to break the defensive set-ups and, as shown here, Sancho could help with that considerably.

Jadon Sancho finds a teammate in Dortmund in space to create a chance to score goals.

Creative flair against Mainz (Dec 14, 2019)

In addition to directly creating opportunities to score goals, the 19-year-old also has a high degree of creativity that most world-class players possess.

Most importantly, however, Sancho does not dwell on his creativity and almost always creates opportunity through individual skills.

Jadon Sancho nutmeg a defender from Mainz to break in attack.

As noted above, he receives the ball and nutmeg the oncoming defender before running into open space beyond the Mainz defensive line.

This type of skill in a tight space gives him a number of attack options and, most of all, illustrates how he has many attack attributes to get him his high price.

For United, these types of individual moments of brilliance highlight why they should consider a serious offer for the 20-year-old.


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