Key GOP Senator Warns United States Needs Millions of Coronavirus Tests by August


The schedule is tight, warned Alexander, who said the role of Congress right now would be to rely on the Food and Drug Administration to speed up approval of the new 15-minute tests as well as on the private sector. to develop them. Congress has put money into recent aid packages to facilitate large-scale testing, but now the solution may be to deviate, said the Republican president (retired).

“We have appropriated the dollars, the problem is that the government is generally not really good at producing anything quickly,” said Alexander. “We need to create an environment where someone outside of government can make scientific discoveries and turn them into tens of millions and possibly hundreds of millions of tests.”

If this could happen, Alexander envisioned that tests would be available for everyone who returned to school by August, treatments by fall, and a vaccine ready for at least front-line healthcare workers. from winter. He said the country had been caught off guard during the tests “but it’s not the president’s fault”.

“The main reason we don’t have enough tests is that Congress and the Food and Drug Administration have restricted the development of tests by everyone except the Centers for Disease Control,” said Alexander. “Let’s say it’s everyone’s fault. “


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