Kevin Hayes offers quarantine products – and misses what the Flyers cooked before the 2019-2020 NHL shutdown


With the 2019-2020 NHL season on hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic, Kevin Hayes has returned home like most of his Flyer teammates.

Hayes is with his family in Boston. One of her three sisters is pregnant, “so she’s a bit of a queen to make sure everyone does the right things,” Hayes said on a conference call Thursday.

Always optimistic and optimistic, the 27-year-old center tries to find positive points during this unexpected period not only for the hockey community, but also for the whole world.

“No matter how much a league player says they miss the game, it’s much more important to understand what’s going on in our society right now,” said Hayes.

“It’s crazy, this situation has never happened before. I miss going to the ice every day, seeing the guys, seeing the coaches, being able to go out and play against other teams and playing in front of our fans. “

Some good things for Hayes during this stop:

He has a platoon bike and can also train at the gymnasium in the living unit next door to his good friend.

He enjoyed a “hilarious” Snapchat photo of Michael Raffl in which the 31-year-old Austrian showed off his freshly shaved head.

“We sort of gave it to him, but I don’t think he’s too worried because he lives in Austria,” said Hayes, “he won’t see anyone for a few months.”

And Hayes also chose an old and a new hobby.

“I have become a player again,” said Hayes. “I hadn’t played Xbox for three years and now I’m slowly addicted to playing” Call of Duty “, so it’s a little positive and I started cooking for the first time in my life. “

What the Flyers had prepared in their first season of a $ 50 million deal over seven years made their new hobby bittersweet. With 13 games left on their 2019-2020 calendar, the Flyers are one point behind the Capitals at the top of the metropolitan division and hold the sixth highest number of NHL points at 89. Last season, before the arrival of Hayes, the Flyers had a tumultuous year and finished with 82 points, their least in a full season since 2006-07.

In the first year with Hayes and head coach Alain Vigneault, the Flyers rolled before the league was forced to suspend the season on March 12.

New Flyers don’t know if they will be able to finish what they started.

“It sucks because you play this game, you build friendships, you build memories, you build times when you want to go to the Stanley Cup,” said Hayes. “I think our team got on very well and we were really playing for each other and everyone was buying into the system that AV put together. And now there is a possibility that we will never see the result of this. … I guess we will always be as good, but who knows if we will have that feeling again.

“We definitely felt a bit, we had a good boast, we had good confidence. We weren’t too confident, but I thought our leadership group had set a standard. … Each member of our team brings their own leadership to this locker room. “

Hayes became one of the leaders of the club. With time and victory, he enjoyed himself in the management group of Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek and Sean Couturier.

“When I got there I wasn’t really nervous, I just knew how strong I was, how much to talk about because I didn’t want to walk on anyone,” said Hayes. “Giroux, Voracek, Couturier, it’s been part of the team for a while. … I just wanted to sense how they acted and follow their example, but I would say it took about two weeks for them to be probably annoyed by me at first with how much I spoke and how much I joked, but I think they are nice to like it and i still think they like it, so i think it works. “

Hayes and the Flyers have something that works in Philly. Even if it’s pending right now.

“People used to tell me fans are tough and fans are tough on you,” said Hayes, “but they’re just as passionate as we are.

“The fans went through good times and bad times with the Flyers. And I hope there are good times in the future. “

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