Kent’s coronavirus: what happened to Kent’s McDonald’s food and staff after the massive shutdown


McDonald’s fans are anxious to know when the fast food chain will reopen across the county.

And many in Kent are wondering what has happened to food and restaurant staff since the coronavirus shutdown forced a massive shutdown last week.

Franchisee Paul Crocker manages a large part of the outlets of the fast food chain in Kent.

And he told KentLive that its restaurants had been temporarily closed for 7 p.m. last Monday (March 23) – the staff are still interacting behind the scenes.

Kent’s coronavirus: the map shows where each death of COVID-19 has occurred in the county

Paul’s teams have put in place a contact system to make sure all employees talk to someone every day while the stores are closed.

And special care has been taken to ensure that those who live alone are contacted daily for emotional support.

Meanwhile, the food inside the restaurants did not remain isolated either.

Stocks from Paul restaurants have been donated to good causes in the region, including Kent and Medway NHS and the Social Care Partnership Trust.

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Thanks to this partnership, the Rivendell Rehabilitation Unit in Dover, The Grove in Ramsgate and Ethelbert Road in Canterbury have all received breakfast items including organic milk, farm eggs and rolls from McDonald’s Whitfield Drive -Thru and its restaurants in Ashford, Canterbury, Thanet, Sittingbourne and Gillingham.

And Paul’s Chestfield restaurant near Whitstable donated Happy Meal boxes to the family of a young autistic boy.

Having a Happy Meal McDonald’s with her grandmother was an important part of her routine, and being able to continue to use their packaging contributed to the changes in her routine brought about by the locking of COVID-19.

“We can’t wait to be able to reopen again”

Joy as the revamped McDonald's reopens at Orbital Park Ashford
Joy as the revamped McDonald’s reopens at Orbital Park Ashford

Paul, who owns and operates 17 McDonald’s restaurants in East Kent, said: “Supporting our local community has always been important to me and my team.

“It is more important than ever as we face this unprecedented challenge.

“McDonald’s restaurants and franchisees across the country have done everything we can to meet the needs of our local communities, and this crisis has shown the real impact we can have when we all come together.

“I want to thank my team who were brilliant for facilitating the incredible initiatives that we have been able to support. We look forward to being able to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

“My people are my greatest concern and I try to support their well-being in the most effective way possible.”

It comes after McDonald’s responded to allegations that its British restaurants would reopen next week after a counterfeit ticket appeared to confirm it.

The false message said, “We reopen again! Mc Donald’s has decided to reopen all UK branches starting Monday, April 6.

“All branches will only be able to offer driving or take-out services. “

The Post then apparently confirmed that social distancing measures would be in place and that only two customers would be allowed inside the restaurants at a time.

McDonald’s official social media pages have now confirmed that this message is in fact false, and all restaurants remain closed.

The message, which appears to have been a joke of April Fools, made a lot of noise and left McDonald’s inundated with messages asking if it was true.

McDonald’s posted a statement on Facebook, which read: “Many people are contacting a certain message that is circulating this evening.

“This is wrong, we will not reopen next week and any official announcement would come from this page and spell the name of the brand correctly …”

Official announcements regarding the reopening of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK following the coronavirus outbreak will come from its brand pages.


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