Kelowna Radio DJ Called John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” Series


Chances are that a large part of the Okanagan spends time watching John Krasinski on Office that self-isolation practices continue.

However, few could imagine Kransinski shining the spotlight on the region in his new web series. Some good news.

Krasinski started on Sunday Some good news by hilariously calling radio DJ Stephen Keppler from EZ Rock Kelowna.

“In Okanagan, Canada, @RadioKeppler anointed myself like my SGN coanchor without consulting a lawyer and he did a frustrating good job, “said Krasinski in this week’s episode.

Krasinski continues to play a video clip of Keppler where local DJ highlights some good news related to Kelowna such as the end of paid parking

Watch it below, with Keppler’s call coming about a minute into the video:

The Kelowna DJ took a moment to respond to Krasinski on Sunday evening, inviting a co-star from the Bureau to his own radio show.

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