Katie Price’s “grateful” kids are locked out with former Peter Andre as she tries to make amends


Katie Price would be extremely grateful that her children are in detention with her ex, Peter Andre.

The former glamor model, 41, is determined to make amends with her ex-husband and current wife Emily during such a strange time.

The mother of five has had an incredibly strained relationship with Peter and has publicly criticized her parenting skills and decisions in the past.

Despite this, Katie would have realized the “mistakes of her ways” and would like to put the past behind her in order to make amends with her old flame Pete.

Katie Price would be extremely grateful that her children are in detention with her ex, Peter Andre

According to a close friend of the former glamor model, it was the coronavirus pandemic that made him change his mind completely.

The interior source told New Magazine that the deadly epidemic of the killer virus was a huge wake-up call for the reality star.

“Kate now realizes that it has always been a grandfather, Pete,” they said.

“She’s even grateful that the kids are in solitary confinement with him because they couldn’t be in safer hands with Emily being a doctor.” Katie knows that Emily will do everything through the book. “

Katie is determined to make amends with Peter

The source adds that Katie wants it to be the start of a new family network for her and her five children.

“After all she has gone through, Katie is now focused on rebuilding her relationship with Pete and Emily,” they said.

She also reportedly told her closest friends and family that she was finally ready to embrace the idea of ​​a “modern family.”

Katie, who shares two children with Pete – Junior, 14, and 12, Princess – has had an increasingly complicated relationship with her ex in recent years.

Former glamor model is “thankful” 14- and 12-year-old junior princess stays with Peter and Emily in the middle of the lock

This increased last year, when the former glamor model questioned Peter’s parenting skills in a series of social media searches.

She also accused singer Mysterious Girl of being “selfish” and “hypocritical” on live television after he did not allow his children Junior and Princess to appear on his reality show, My Crazy Life.

Despite all this, Katie would have finally realized the errors of her path thanks to the revealing and upsetting pandemic that currently crosses the world.

The revelation comes after the former glamor model broke her silence on social media with a rare message of support for Pete.

NHS frontline wife Emily is currently caring for Katie’s two children

She went to Instagram to tell Pete to take care of him and his family in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Katie reached out after Peter appeared on Good Morning Britain, where he spoke about his difficulties with home schooling.

Peter also expressed the lack of a protective kit for NHS staff and admitted that he slept in a separate room for doctor’s wife Emily.

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The father posted a video of his GMB appearance on Instagram, where he talked about the locked-out life with Emiy, their children Amelia and Theo, and the children he shares with Katie.

Among the thousands of comments below was that of ex-wife Katie.

“Stay safe,” she replied with two loving hearts.

Peter did not respond directly, but Katie’s sweet message was appreciated by thousands of fans.


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