Katie Price retorts after being called “selfish b *** h” for plugging in during lockout


Katie Price went on Twitter on Saturday morning to create a buzz around her last television appearance.

But the former glamor model – who appears in the next Celebrity SAS series: Who Dares Wins – was cheekily greeted by a social media troll when Pricey tweeted the show’s trailer and reminded fans that ‘they could connect soon.

Shortly after 41-year-old Katie shared the message, she received a response imbued with venom from a disciple who dubbed the busty beauty as a “selfish bitch” for sharing the clip.

Social media user ranted that Katie was self-absorbed by plugging in during the coronavirus pandemic as she went wild: “Oh my god, there we are, there is a global crisis with hundreds of thousands of dead, but Katie Price thinks life is all over her! Selfish b *** h. “

Proving that Katie, a mother of five, was not going to accept the abuse, she republished the nasty words and added, “I’m sorry for being so selfish and encouraging people #stay at home and watch a TV show that slightly relieves everything that’s going on. “

Katie Price encountered the nastiness of a social media troll when she shared a trailer for Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins – in which she stars

A number of Katie fans have urged the star to ignore the troll as they flooded her page with kind responses.

“Ignore her Katie # in a bad mood!” “And” Omg ignores Katie as she was horrible, “some tapped.

Others agreed, adding, “Ignore her Katie …… send love and hugs xxx” and “I don’t understand why she should call you names and be so horrible with you ….. think we all know your selfish baby away .. ”

It comes after reports claim that Katie enraged her celebrity star SAS: Who Dares Wins when she didn’t bother during chores, so they had to take over.

Katie posted a clip from the series to announce the start date

Shortly after Katie shared the message, she received a reply imbued with venom from a disciple who dubbed the busty beauty as a “selfish bitch”

She was accused of not taking the grueling show on Channel 4 seriously, which meant that her teammates had to work very hard to meet their challenges.

Katie recently admitted that she had a hard time during the process, and blamed her on her recent breast reduction operation, which she said she didn’t have enough time to recover from.

A source told the Daily Star, “Katie got on the wrong side of the instructors in a few minutes, they didn’t think she was taking him seriously enough.

“And during the challenges, she continued to make mistakes. It meant that everyone had to do more work.

“They weren’t really happy that one of the teams dropped everyone. “

A representative for Katie denied pretending not to take the series seriously and said that she was struggling with the pain of an infection caused by her operation, which led to her being fired for medical reasons from which she was “Eviscerated”.

They added that she “gave 110%” to each challenge, and that she would return to the show in the future to win it.

Speaking from his experience, Pricey said, “I think a lot of people would know that mentally I am strong, just from my past and what I have experienced …

“But it was just physically that my body was not ready for many of the things I was proposed for, because it was just because of my stupidity to get smaller surgically.

Kaite replied to the nasty message and was greeted by his fans

Celebrity SAS from Channel 4: Who Dares Wins starts Monday, April 20 at 9 p.m.

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“But other than that, I’m a strong person anyway. When you get an interrogator who attacks you, even if you know it’s wrong, although it is a show, it is not supposed to look like a show. It looks like reality. “”

Katie attributed the improvement to her mental health and recovery to a program after a difficult period in which her emotions went up and down.

“I was mentally going through a bad time before doing this show. You will all find out what was going on, ”she said.

“Since I did the series, for my sanity and all that, being in shape, I’m actually so much fitter now than when I did the series. “

She added, “My only big thing is that someone else was offered my place because I felt like I was letting go.

“What I mean is because of my physical breasts – you will see some of them – that I should not have done it. I lied to myself.

“But since the show, it made me think … I am much fitter now that, if I have that chance again, I would like to do the show again. “

* Celebrity SAS from Channel 4: Who Dares Wins starts on Monday April 20 at 9 p.m.


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