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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been training for a long time for her future role as Queen William’s consort. But despite growing commitments to represent the royal family and broad public support, the Duchess of Cambridge could face a lot of scrutiny due to a new role she will assume after Prince Charles takes the throne. According to the online magazine The Talko, Kate will have to comply with the Prince of Wales’ plans for a monarchical reform, a move that could spark criticism of the Duchess.

The magazine reported: “Kate Middleton was heavily criticized when she joined the royal family for the first time and could be faced with this exam again when Prince Charles is king.

“In order to appeal to as many people as possible, members of the royal family try to avoid politics.

“The queen is supposed to remain politically neutral, but some people wonder if Prince Charles will make a difference. “

The magazine went on to say, “He has been candid about things like global warming and even Prince Harry thinks it is important to modernize the British monarchy.

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“If Prince Charles has decided to push the boundaries of tradition, Prince William and Kate will have to come on board and help keep the family up to date and close. “

But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already shown that they are moving towards a broader role, speaking more frequently about the causes that interest them.

Kate and William were praised by the coronavirus pandemic for their efforts to support older members of the royal family forced to isolate because of the virus.

The couple appeared in a joint interview earlier this month to launch a short film they told in support of the NHS’s efforts against COVID-19.

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The transfer of charities is part of a process to alleviate the workload of the Queen since she became Queen in 1952.

Prince William replaced the Queen as the patron of the Amateur Swimming Association. In 2013, the Duke of Cambridge also became president of Fields in Trust after Prince Philip retired after 64 years at the helm of the charity.

Despite the heavy workload that Kate and William have assumed in recent years, they have also managed to give themselves time to devote to their three children.

Like millions of other British parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also agreed to home school their two older children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, during the lockout.

They also celebrated Prince Louis’ second birthday last month and will have a special phone call with the Queen to celebrate Charlotte’s 6th birthday on May 2.


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