Kate Nolan made a farce with a false exchange of Julian Edelman


Katie Nolan was this almost cursing another of his beloved patriots.

Still recovering from Tom Brady’s shocking signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – prompting ESPN personality to reveal that “Today was the first day of my life, I never said the phrase” Eff Tom Brady. “I said it out loud,” said Nolan. after the quarterback’s introductory conference call – the New England fan was put in another fit of rage. Nolan lost it when he learned on “Highly Questionable” that Brady would be reunited with his former favorite target, Julian Edelman, who had been traded from the Patriots to the Bucs for a third round pick.

Of course, the Super Bowl MVP receiver stays with New England, but Nolan didn’t know it when he was being joked by his co-hosts on April Fool’s Day.

” What are you talking about? Yelled Nolan. ” What are you talking about? “

(Explicit language)

When asked how she hadn’t heard, Nolan replied:

“I participated in a conference call,” shouted Nolan. ” What are you talking about? “

Shortly after, Nolan realized that she had been stuffed.

“You are f-ing d – ks. Don’t do d-ks, ”said Nolan. “We are stuck in our house. Are you kidding?

“There are tears in my eyes. “


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