Kate Middleton makes a surprising revelation about youngest son, Prince Louis, on his birthday | Royal | New


It has been revealed that Kate joked that Louis is the only one of his children who “looks like him”. In the new images released to mark the young prince’s birthday on Thursday, many have noticed the resemblance between Louis and his mom Kate.

Apparently, the Duchess openly admitted that Louis looks like his mother, according to a source.

The insider told People magazine: “Everyone always comments on how Louis is Kate’s spitting image,

Before adding: “She likes it and thinks it’s very sweet, she often jokes that he is the only one of her children who really looks like her! “

This comes when Kensington Palace released five images of the young prince while he played arts and crafts at the Norfolk family home.

The young prince was pictured smiling from ear to ear as he played with rainbow-colored paint.

Two more photos were then uploaded, where Kate joined the “Instagram Vs Reality” trend that is used on social media.

Princess Charlotte has often been compared to her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but Louis is said to have the genes of Middleton, some even say that he resembles Kate’s father Michael Middleton.

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Celebrities and members of the royal family have shown their support for frontline personnel fighting the pandemic.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall also clapped loudly for the NHS workers.

Prince Charles has contracted the virus but has now recovered.

He and his wife Camilla remain isolated in their area of ​​Balmoral in Scotland.

On the royal family’s Instagram account, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and their two children also joined the celebration.

In the clip, Prince Edward says, “From all of us, a big thank you to so many of you who work on the front lines.

“We really appreciate it. Continue your fantastic work. “

This happens when Kate and William are enjoying their time at Anmer Hall with their children before homework picks up after Meghan and Harry leave.

Online magazine The Talko reported: “There are certainly advantages to climbing the ranks, such as access to income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

“But not all changes will be fun for Prince William and Kate.

“They enjoy spending time with their family at Anmer Hall, which was a wedding gift from the Queen herself.

However, once the lock is lifted, the couple are expected to return to Kensington Palace to resume their royal workload.


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