Kate Garraway’s I’m A Celeb passage rekindled marriage as her husband “fell in love again”


Kate Garraway’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity last year revived her marriage to Derek Draper after he admitted that he “fell in love again” after watching her on the show.

Derek and Kate married in 2005 and have two children together. The former lobbyist is currently in intensive care at the hospital with coronavirus, while Kate and the children are isolated at home.

The devastating blow to the family came as the couple prepared to renew their wedding vows after Kate’s trip to the jungle revived their relationship.

Before heading down to participate in reality TV, Kate had admitted that her marriage was getting a little flawed.

A year before I was a celebrity, she totally forgot about their wedding anniversary – and didn’t remember it until she saw Derek posting on social media.

Derek wrote: “Happy birthday to the smartest, kindest and sexiest girl I know. I love you x. “

Kate, who had gone out to an award ceremony, replied, “When you come home after a party and you realize that your husband posted this wonderful thing on Facebook and you totally forgot that it was your #fail birthday.

“Should I sneak in quietly ?! “

Derek Draper was so happy to see his wife Kate Garraway after I’m A Celeb

However, things changed after Kate headed for the jungle, and Derek stayed at home in the UK watching it on TV with the rest of the nation.

The former lobbyist spoke of his wife’s passage through the jungle in an interview with Lorraine.

He told host Lorraine Kelly that he was more in love with his 14-year-old wife than ever.

Derek explained, “I’m in love with her again to be honest. Because you see how smart, funny and beautiful she is. “

Kate at her marriage to Derek in 2005

Kate and Derek have been married for 15 years and have two children together

He also admitted that watching young man Myles Stephenson, 28, flirt with Kate, 52, on screen brought out the green-eyed monster.

He said, “At first I became jealous and paranoid, then I remembered that she was my wife and that she was coming home.

“So I’m really the winner. “

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He also admitted that the blue swimsuit she wore in the jungle was her “favorite,” adding that Kate was a total “knockout.”

After returning from the jungle, Derek proposed to Kate a second time and they began to make plans to renew their vows.

Kate said they had asked their daughter Darcey’s help for the preparations.

Kate wowed viewers – and Derek – in I’m A Celeb

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She said to Prima, “We are going to have a second marriage and Darcey is going to plan everything. She is 13, so it might be very interesting, but we’ll see.

“I think she will probably want me to look like Kendall Jenner on a tough day … I would love to look like Kendall Jenner too, so good luck with that!” “

Derek is Kate’s second husband – she was previously married to TV boss Ian Rumsey, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2001.


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