Kate Garraway Says Husband Derek “Still Fighting To Say Alive” While Supporting The NHS


Kate Garraway shared an emotional update on her husband Derek Draper while participating in the weekly clap for carers event.

The Good Morning Britain’s host’s husband has been in intensive care since March after contracting a coronavirus.

Thursday evening at 8 p.m. Kate and her children joined families across the country as they stood outside their homes to support NHS staff, especially those caring for husband and father Derek in hospital.

Kate, 52, was seen in front of the camera for the first time in weeks when she enthusiastically struck a pan and smiled warmly at the camera.

After sharing the video on Instagram, Kate said, “So much to be thankful for tonight. Derek is still with us, but what a battle it is.

“I am also very grateful for our incredible #nhs who do so much for Derek every day – wonderful to see all the support for them and our key employees every Thursday.

“We can’t thank them enough, can we? So brave.

“Send love to everyone in this dreadful time, especially to all who are struggling for whatever reason – none of this is easy.

“Thank you very much for your messages – they mean so much to me. Love and thank you from me and the whole family. X # staypositive # hope # standtogether # nhs »

Kate previously described her current situation as “the hardest part of her life” when caring for children Darcey, 14 and Billy, 10, at home while Derek remains critically ill in hospital.

The presenter has been married to Derek since 2004 admitted that she did her best to stay strong for her family.

“There are of course times when I feel exhausted and I just have to rest, but that’s fine too.

“This is an absolutely heartbreaking and emotionally draining moment for many of us,” said Kate.

“And of course I kiss children, whether they like it or not and caring for them is of course a top priority. “

Mom smiles at camera

Kate was inundated with support from concerned fans after talking about the battle for the health of her beloved husband

Kate was inundated with support from her Good Morning Britain family and viewers who wanted Derek to improve.

Earlier this week, the television star thanked her from the bottom of her “wonderful” fans’ hearts as they lit candles for her husband Derek.

Kate, 52, of Good Morning Britain, has kept his subscribers and colleagues at GMB informed of Derek’s condition since he was admitted to intensive care on March 30 to fight the deadly virus.

A fan tweeted Kate to tell her that her mother, in the late 70s, not a tweeter, “lights a candle every day for Derek.”

In a touching message of solidarity and goodwill, the fan wrote: “@kategarraway My mother (who is 80 next week and who is not a Twitter user!) Asked if I could let you know that ‘she lights a candle every day for Derek for all those who suffer. of this horrible virus.

“We send you and your family a lot of love. X. “


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