Kanye West challenges Forbes confirmation that he is now a billionaire: “It’s $ 3.3 billion”


Kanye West is said to have challenged Forbes’ confirmation that he is now worth $ 1 billion, emphasizing instead that his net worth is actually $ 3.3 billion (£ 2.6 billion).

The rapper was said to be unhappy last year after the financial magazine refused to call him a billionaire because he was unable to produce the documents necessary to substantiate his allegations.

He was then left out of the publication’s annual list of billionaires, which was released earlier this month, before finally winning the Forbes ranking when it was updated last week.

But Kanye would still be unhappy because he claims that the coin does not represent its real value.

In a new play by Forbes, writer Zack O’Malley Greenburg says Kanye personally texted him and accused the publication of “playing” with him.

After learning that he should be recognized in an updated story about the net worth of $ 1.3 billion (£ 1 billion), the rapper always argued that the figure was not correct.

Jay-Z and Kanye West CREDIT: Getty Images / Jason Squires / WireImage

“It’s $ 3.3 billion because nobody in Forbes can count,” said Kanye.

Greenburg says Kanye is “as boastful as his political idol, President Donald Trump” and explained how those responsible for Forbes arrived at their $ 1.3 billion sum.

“For years, Forbes had an informal” Trump rule “: take whatever the future president insisted it was worth, divide by 3, and start sharpening from there. As a mentor, as a mentee, ”he wrote.

“Welcome to the ten-figure club, Kanye. You may not like our number, but you have joined the highest company in this regard. “

He is now the second billionaire in hip-hop after Jay-Z, who reached huge net worth in June 2019.


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