Justin Verlander takes stock of rehabilitation


AL Cy Young title winner Justin Verlander was hampered by a pair of spring health problems – latent fatigue and a groin injury that had to be operated on – but the Houston ace told reporters Thursday that he had gone on to a long throw (Twitter connections via Brian McTaggart of MLB.com). The lat strain, according to Verlander, is largely cured, and he has also made “a big step” in his rehabilitation after groin surgery.

The two updates are encouraging for the Astros, although there is still no official team word on a schedule for the right-hander’s return to the mound. At the time of Verlander’s intervention in mid-March, Astros chief executive, James Click, established an approximate six-week schedule for his rehabilitation process. We passed this point a few days ago, although with the 2020 season in limbo, it is reasonable to be careful in the rehabilitation process.

Verlander added that the surgery was “already showing some benefit in my mechanics” because he is working to make delivery as efficient as possible (link via Houston Chronicle’s Chandler Rome). In particular, Verlander revealed that the surgery came from an MRI scan which revealed that his adductor muscle had almost completely pulled out the bone.

Verlander, 37, is signed throughout the 2021 season at $ 33 million a year under the extension he signed with Houston at the end of spring training last year. He responded to this contract with arguably the best season of his career at the Hall of Fame. Verlander led the league with 223 innings and launched a 2.58 ERA with a masterful ratio of 300 to 42 K / BB (12.1 K / 9, 1.7 BB / 9) and a former close-teammate . Gerrit cole for Cy Young honors in LA. He made at least 30 starts for the 13th time in 14 years, and his 179 ERA + was a career record.


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