Jurgen Klopp shares what he posted to the Liverpool Whatsapp group during the lockout


Jurgen Klopp reminded his Liverpool team how far they have come in a short period of time during their coronavirus lockout.

Football around the world has been suspended indefinitely with little sign of an imminent recovery, leaving Klopp and his players – who are 25 points ahead of the table – frustrated as they are forced to wait the first headline flight of the league title club in 30 years.

The Premier League remains committed to restarting the season when it is safe, but until then Klopp has been looking for ways to keep his players high.

In a conversation with Liverpool’s YouTube channel, he detailed some of these methods, coming across some video highlights of his team’s recent successes and sharing them in the Whatsapp group of players.

Klopp shared images of the Liverpool Champions League parade with his players

“I started with a video about the trophy celebration after the Champions League game,” said Klopp, who added that he started running and cooking during his break from work.

“It appeared on my YouTube list and I watched it for three or four minutes, then put it in the group with the little phrase” always true “.

“And by the way,” I said, “we also played some great games.

“So I sent the Barcelona game to them, then I sent the Man City game, the away game from Leicester and the United home game.

The manager also posted a video of the 2-0 victory over Manchester United in January

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“There have been quite a few good games, just these two and a half minute clips, and I told the boys to come, send in your favorite videos from the year or years. And there were quite a few beautiful ones.

“The boys sent a lot of their own videos, which they did when we were driving through town (after the Champions League victory), and you can see that they really enjoyed it and are waiting with impatience something similar. “


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