Julianne Hough is dating Ben Barnes while Brooks Laich is in Idaho


Julianne Hough and Brooks laich may be a social distancing in different states, but that doesn’t mean she is alone.

It turns out that her longtime friend Ben barnes keeps his company during his stay in Los Angeles, California. On Thursday, the paparazzi captured some photos of the Fat: Live dancer and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian actor, published by the Daily Mail. The two occasionally wandered the streets of his neighborhood, with Julianne walking in her socks decorated with dogs.

Over the years, the actors have mixed and mingled many times, including after parties, other Hollywood events, and even a few times at Julianne’s.

Meanwhile, a source tells E! The news that Brooks and Julianne “have chosen to separate for the moment”, Brooks currently residing in Idaho, where they exchanged vows in 2017. According to the insider, ” [Brooks] like to be outside and in nature do their thing and it goes well with both. ”

“She wants him to be happy and he wants her to be happy. If that’s what it looks like, never mind, “adds the source.

Although their choice is not conventional, the insider says that it is not out of the norm for the couple because “their marriage does not have a traditional configuration”. After all, the careers of Julianne and Brooks often separate them for long periods of time.

But thanks to the wonders of technology, the insider reveals that they “talk every day and are in constant communication.” The source shared: “They are both happy and discover things together and separately. “

This is not a particularly new development for the duo’s relationship. In January, E! The news revealed that Julianne and Brooks were “spending time apart” to reconsider the future of their marriage together, but were unable to make “final decisions” on what to do.

E! The news contacted their representatives for comments.

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