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Josh Gad plunges into coronavirus crisis



Josh Gad of ‘Frozen’ hosts story time online for children trapped at home.


Hey guys!

Add the cast of “The Goonies” to the list of artists hoping to stimulate the spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Superfan “Goonies” Josh Gad is hosting a nearly 30-minute “Reunited Apart” reunion special that was posted to YouTube Monday, along with some re-enactments of classic scenes from the 1985 cult classic. “Frozen” actor hinted that more film meetings may take place as the battle against COVID-19 continues.

“Like many of us observing this wish, we could make up for it right now, I have the most sincere hope that catching up with old friends of all of us will bring well-deserved joy to all of you “, he said. said at the start of the video.

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Sean Astin (Mikey), Josh Brolin (Brand) and Corey Feldman (Mouth) are among the actors in “Goonies” who appear in the video, which already had 20,000 views within two hours of its release.

In the 35-year-old film, a group of Oregon children gathered to find a pirate ship that has enough treasure to keep their families’ homes from being foreclosed on. Gad says he saw “Goonies” for the first time when he was 4 years old.

“More importantly, that day, I learned four words that changed my life forever: Goonies never say die,” says Gad.

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After catching up with the various cast members, getting updates on their personal and professional lives, the best part – the re-enactments – begins, including the famous scene from the well as desired.

The video also takes a moment to pay tribute to two deceased actors: Anne Ramsey (1988) and John Matuszak (1989).

One of the many special guests is Steven Spielberg, who produced “Goonies”. He says there are regular conversations about a sequel. In the end, however, Spielberg says that every new idea he and others come up with “doesn’t hold water.”

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Gad is asking fans who watch the video to donate to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s COVID-19 relief fund – even if it is “just a pocket change,” he said.

“We hope that each episode of” Reunited Apart “will focus on a charity created to help the poor in these desperate times,” he said.


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