Joseph Benavidez has stopped paying attention to Henry Cejudo every time he talks about the flyweight division


Joseph Benavidez has a lot of history shared with Henry Cejudo, but he has stopped paying the former flyweight champion every time he approaches the 125-pound division.

After waiting for Cejudo to decide whether or not to return to defend his flyweight title, Benavidez eventually faced Deiveson Figueiredo for a vacant belt in February. He ended up falling by TKO after Figueiredo failed to gain weight, which left the fly division without a champion.

Then Cejudo joked that he defended his title from the couch because a new champion was not crowned, and he is kept teasing that he might fly back one day to prove that he is the best 125 pound fighter on the planet.

Benavidez, on the other hand, is not unhappy with Cejudo’s tirades on Twitter, but he also knows that the former flyweight champion does not return to the division to defend anything.

“You can’t care,” Benavidez told MMA Fighting. “I mean, look at half the things Henry says. It’s for advertising and it does a great job. I don’t mind the schtick. I’m glad he found his niche. It’s funny. It’s good for the people he fights, including me. He’s an incredible competitor but on this point, I think he doesn’t think so. It’s just something else he says. It was the right time. The weights were fighting, he had the title stripped, the easiest time to say it.

“The reason I had to wait so long was because he said to me, ‘I could go back, I could go back’ without intending to really go back. So that’s another thing he says. Build, excite people, extend a few things. I don’t know if he thinks he’s going to get the belt or anything. It’s just more than he says for promotion. ”

Cejudo is currently linked to a potential bantamweight title fight against Dominick Cruz when the UFC resumes its regular schedule on May 9.

Because Benavidez already holds a victory over Cejudo at their previous meeting, he does not lose sleep on “Triple C”, making his return to 125 pounds. In fact, Benavidez casts doubt on Cejudo, making it even more difficult to reduce the weight of flies.

There is only one scenario where he could see this happen anyway.

“The only way I could see him go back to the weight of the fly was if he lost and didn’t have a belt and he could,” said Benavidez. “Then there is a chance because there is something else that it does not have now. But if he defends [135 pounds] and winning, it will not come back to 125 pounds. He would have done it this time.

“I don’t think anyone should pay attention to it. It does not return to the weight of flies. ”


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