Jose Mourinho admits that he made a mistake after organizing a training session at Tottenham


Jose Mourinho posted a humiliating run on his public fitness session.

Mourinho is said to have been interviewed by the club as the hierarchy was unimpressed after the Tottenham boss was represented in public with Tanguy Ndombele, Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon.

But Mourinho has now admitted that he was wrong about the social distancing guidelines, promised to follow government advice in the future and urged everyone else to do the same.

Mourinho said: “I accept that my actions were not in accordance with government protocol and we should only have contact with members of our own household.

“It is essential that we all play our part and follow government advice in order to support our NHS heroes and save lives.”

Mourinho admitted that his actions were not in accordance with government protocol

Mirror Sport understands that Mourinho has offered to work with Ndombele to assist the Spurs midfielder during the lockout.

They live near Hadley Common in north London, where the photos were taken when Ndombele was struggling to get into English football and Mourinho was keen to help him.

Sanchez and Sessegnon also live nearby and were photographed jogging together, although running so close side by side was certainly cause for concern. But they did not participate in the session with Ndombele.

A Tottenham Hotspur spokesperson said, “We have reminded all of our players to respect social distance when exercising outdoors. “

Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon running on Monken Hadley Common

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Mourinho has already won praise during the lockout for volunteering to deliver to the elderly and vulnerable for a charity in north London.

Tottenham was criticized after putting the staff on leave, but he also worked in the community during the national lockout.

Mourinho clearly accepts that he was wrong, but it appears that he was eager to help Ndombele, which shows that he has no problem with the player.

A source suggested that Mourinho’s biggest crime and problem was simply being too busy with the job, but learned his lesson and is determined to set a better example.


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