John Terry sends a resounding Jack Grealish message to Aston Villa fans – and that involves Chelsea


John Terry has revealed what Aston Villa skipper Jack Grealish looks like – the player the fans don’t see.

Villa assistant coach Terry admits that while he recognized that Grealish was a talent during his days at Chelsea, he didn’t quite realize what he brings to the Bodymoor Heath table daily until he arrives – and what a nightmare for Grealish. defend against in training!

It is essential that Grealish, who, before the suspension of the Premier League season, had nine goals and eight assists in his name, continues to thrive in his current environment, believes Terry, because if he does, he can take Villa in club with him.

“You see a lot of players from the outside, but when you go to a club and work with players on a daily basis, you see how truly talented he really is,” Terry told AVTV as part of support Q&A.

“I could see it at a glance. He injured his ribs in preseason against Watford, and he missed a big part of this season – having Jack in great shape in my season there, I’m pretty sure we would have increased.

“Jack is a phenomenal talent. It was a real pleasure to see him grow, work and develop over the past year, two years. He has shown the world this season that he is more than capable of playing at the highest level.

“There’s a side to Jack that people don’t see. Jack is there until 5, 6, 7 in the evening, he eats the right food and does all his work at the gym.

“All of this is in camera. He is a high-level professional who wants to reach the top.

“I just hope he continues to improve with us and make us stronger because with him we have a real chance. “

A question submitted by a fan plunged Terry into his thoughts for a moment, and drew a smile – which player, or players, of the Chelsea era reminds him of Grealish?

It was those with flair, an ability to walk past people with the ball at his feet, who drew some comparisons from Terry – those with, as he says, “God gave talent”.

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“I think he’s similar to Joe Cole and Eden Hazard,” said Terry. “I just think the natural ability that he has and that Joe Cole had, a talent given by God that few people are blessed but he certainly has.

“The way he slides in front of people. He’s fast, but not many people know that – I don’t think he knows how fast he is. He’s a great talent, he gets a lot of faults in the Championship and now in the Premier League.

“People don’t know how to stop it. “


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