John Legere calls for closure of T-Mobile sooner than expected


John Legere really wants to find a new job. The former CEO of T-Mobile left the company completely on Friday, more than a month before his appointment to seize new opportunities. The end of an era has come for T-Mobile.

Early departure as CEO and now administrator

In the final months of the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, Legere announced that he would leave the business by first resigning as CEO and letting COO Mike Sievert take over. The initial date of this move was supposed to be May 1, just when her current contract ended. Instead, with the merger completed on April 1, Legere left its CEO almost a month earlier to relaunch the merger on the first day.

Now, after suggesting that he would stay on the T-Mobile board for a few months, Legere has left as he searches for the next business he can manage. Legere said in an SEC file specifically that this decision was intended to “pursue other options” and that he “did not resign due to disagreement with management or the board of directors on any matter whatsoever is “.

What’s the next step for Legere?

If he has something aligned, he has done an incredible job of keeping it secret. Last November, there was a rumor that he could run WeWork when they walk away from their founder and seek a rescuer. He quickly denied that he would go to WeWork, but announced that he would step down as CEO of T-Mobile at the time.

His direct approach to managing T-Mobile, don’t care if I-offended, certainly helped to reverse the plight of the previously struggling carrier. It has forced a lot of changes in an industry stuck in a 2 year phone model and service that customers hated. Nicknamed “Uncarrier” because of the allegedly anti-carrier ideas he pushed, Legere has driven T-Mobile through a number of quarters (if not years) in a row of multi-million customer growth.

I imagine he will try a similar approach wherever he ends up next.

T-Mobile will continue

If you are concerned that the departure of Legere will cause big changes at T-Mobile, you probably have not paid attention to it. Mike Sievert, who is now CEO, has been with Legere from the start and will likely continue to promote a similar approach to being a wireless operator. I’m not sure if Sievert will bring as much PG-13 chatter to Twitter and press events, but much of what T-Mobile has done to happen today is likely (at least in part) because of it. .

And as we mentioned earlier in the week, T-Mobile is already starting to show customers what can be done with their merger with Sprint. They started to feed their 5G medium band network for T-Mobile customers and started letting Sprint customers access T-Mobile’s LTE network. This is just the beginning of an era when T-Mobile can finally tackle Verizon in a broader way.

Whatever John Legere does, I’m sure we’ll know because I don’t expect it to happen calmly, but you shouldn’t worry about where T-Mobile is going from here. Well, for at least 3 years anyway.

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