John Cena does not see the massacre that comes to meet him


Firefly Fun House Match

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s career on the WWE main list began in mid-2013 and was a big hit right away, with big pay-as-you-go wins over stars like Kane, Daniel Bryan and even The Shield. He was pretty much unstoppable. But he came across CenaWinsLOL at WrestleMania 30 in 2014, and everything collapsed.

Wyatt has always been a tortured soul and Cena has been at the heart of many of his anxieties. Besides losing that WrestleMania match and his feud with Cena in 2014, Wyatt was also the sap that Cena abused in order to recover from a disaster SummerSlam 2014 loss to Brock Lesnar; Cena gave the entire Wyatt family an attitude adjustment on Gross to remind the world that he was still a star. Then there was WrestleMania 32 in 2016, where Wyatt and his family were humiliated and beaten by John Cena & The Rock. The recurring theme is that Cena was a notable pain in Wyatt’s ass, especially on the biggest wrestling event of the year.

Frustration and setbacks mounted so severely for Wyatt that he disappeared for much of 2018 and 2019. He finally returned with an insane Fun House he would use to heal himself, and a horrible demon he would use to hurt people. other.

Years passed and Cena is now part-time in 2020, the exact type of guy he complained about in 2012 when he quarreled with The Rock. With WrestleMania 36 just around the corner, Cena returned to WWE in the February 28 episode of Smack down to announce that he was going to do the right thing and not take the place of a more deserving star in WrestleMania. Cena took the highway and sat down.

Then he changed his mind like a minute later.

It’s because The Fiend appeared. Wyatt was on the verge of losing its universal championship to Goldberg the day before Super ShowDown, a result that was surely a harbinger of good things to come to WWE. The big scary monster pointed the WrestleMania signs, and Cena has accepted his challenge.

A week later, in his Firefly Fun House, Wyatt explained that Cena’s victory over him WrestleMania 30 sent him in a pathetic downward spiral. If it weren’t for Cena, the Fun House wouldn’t exist, so he thanked John and forgave him. The catch is that Cena also helped create The Fiend, which is built on pain and revenge. The demon will wait at WrestleManiaand unlike Bray, The Fiend is not that forgiving.

Cena appeared in the March 13 episode of Smack down to explain why he accepted the match. He talked about the importance of investing in the future through WWE. Bray Wyatt’s long-standing attitude of blaming others for his faults has run out of welcome and is not part of this future. Cena plans to remove Wyatt from the picture for good WrestleMania 36, because Wyatt is the most overvalued and overvalued superstar in the business. It is not worthy enough to be part of the promising future of WWE.

Bray confronted John and laughed that John cared about the future of WWE. All that matters to John is himself, and whoever he has to bury to get what he wants. Cena broke it six years ago, but now it’s rebuilt and it’s time to break Cena’s brain into a million little pieces. WrestleMania 36 is going to be a massacre, Cena just doesn’t know it yet.

A week after that, Bray Wyatt threw a rabbit into a blender and drank it with a smile on his face. He then challenged Cena to a Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania 36. Cena took a week to think about it, then responded by comparing The Fiend to a global pandemic, full of uncertainty and tackling fear. Naturally, Wyatt appeared out of nowhere in an attempt to scare Cena.

Firefly Fun House puppets said John Cena would play with them forever WrestleMania, so maybe a new Cena themed puppet will soon join the gang?

I don’t know, but I do know that the recorded nature of this match allows for additional creativity, perhaps in the form of John Cena being torn apart by insane puppets in the middle of a Fun House.

The bottom line is that the demon’s existence was motivated by the need for revenge six years ago, and part-time John Cena is overtaking his head this time. If he is not afraid, he should be.

Find out who wins by logging in WrestleMania 36 and keep it here at Cageside Seats!


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