John Boyega talks about his Skywalker reaction


John Boyega talks about his reaction to Skywalker

John Boyega was quite frank and honest in his feelings about the “Star Wars” movie trilogy in which he starred.

After having a great time with JJ “Force Awakens” from Abrams, Boyega made it clear that he had problems with his follow-up to “The Last Jedi” and he disagreed with many of Director Rian Johnson’s choices with the movie.

What he didn’t say much about was his reaction to last year’s latest movie, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, which turned out to be surprisingly as polarizing as its predecessor. Critics in particular hated the film that caught the worst reviews in the franchise.

Things changed this week when a social media fan criticized the film for embarrassment, and Boyega responded with his reaction by saying, “Embarrassing? LOL you want. Very satisfactory, some disappointments but not so serious. Everyone has evolved. “

Indeed, his co-stars like Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac have already expressed similar feelings of disappointment at the lost opportunities and a desire to move on.

Boyega’s next film “Naked Singularity” is currently in post-production.

Source: Twitter


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