Joe Wicks feared baby Marley was born blind after arriving three weeks earlier


Joe Wicks has expressed concern that his baby, Marley, may have been blind after the tot arrived three weeks earlier.

The Body Coach, 33, revealed that her four-month-old child appeared to have vision problems after the premature birth because he was not looking at his parents’ faces.

After arriving in December, Marley spent the next month in hospital where he was treated for an infection.

Joe and Rosie stayed by his side for as long as he was there, both concerned about the health of their second child.

But the fitness guru revealed that it was only last week that the tot had shown that he could see smiling at his proud parents.

Joe and his wife Rosie with their children Indie and Marley

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Sharing a clip of little Marley sitting in a deckchair, Joe has become very outspoken with his 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

He said, “About four weeks ago, we took Marley to a specialist because he showed no signs of seeing. “

He continued, “We thought he was not going to be able to see and they said it could be a late development and we were obviously keeping our fingers crossed, and we were positive and watching it now. “

Joe and little Marley

Marley arrived earlier than expected

Joe then placed the camera on little Marley’s face, before saying, “Look how locked it is now when he sees my face. “

Joe continued, “Hello buddy, it’s daddy! You’re a joker buddy, you worried me last week and you can see perfectly. You are a late bloomer, aren’t you darling?

“It was so frustrating because he couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t lock himself, but now he could see my face, he could see my smile. Oh Marley, life is a blessing. I love you buddy.

Joe and Rosie are also parents of their daughter Indie

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He added, “He responds so well, we love you Marley. “

Joe and Rosie are also the proud parents of Indie, a girl almost two years old.

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