Joe Swash talks about home schooling for children in isolation and why Stacey wants sex all the time


Joe Swash is in isolation with his girlfriend Stacey Solomon, the sons of Stacey Zachary, 11, Leighton, eight, and their baby Rex, born in July 2019.

Joe also has a son, Harry, 11, from a previous relationship, and he is currently in solitary confinement with his mother until tomorrow when Joe takes him over.

The 38-year-old actor and presenter explained how he and Stacey, 30, cope during the coronavirus lockdown.

“” When we first realized how much work the children needed to be sent home to help us, we were intimidated. But we are on the right track at the moment.

Stacey and Joe with Leighton, Zachary, Harry and Rex

“This is a really bad situation for everyone, but you have to try to make the most of it and see the positives. We spend a lot of time with our family, we are very lucky, ”said Joe.

He takes the locking measures seriously and urged, “We just have to stay inside, it’s for the greatest good. “

When asked how they were entertaining the three children, Joe explained, “Rex is entertained by his brothers, so if we can entertain his brothers, Rex is entertained.

Joe is an adored stepfather of Stacey’s children and explained how they entertain two older children and a baby

“Stacey likes arts and crafts a bit, and I will take the boys for a walk in the forest,” added Joe, who teaches the boys about the different trees and birds they can see.

He explained that at first, Stacey and he “got together”, “it’s about giving yourself space and working as a team, and getting things done together “

In fact, their sex lives are certainly benefiting from the change, as Joe revealed: “Stacey finds me sexy when I do chores!

Joe described Rex as “perfect” and said he was sent from heaven

“If I clean the windows or vacuum, she says” Ooh Joe … “, whatever happens. “

Stacey recently joked that Joe was “trying to get her pregnant again” while they were secluded together, because she loved him so much while he was doing the housework, but Joe said they hadn’t of baby plans for a while as they had their hands full with the kids and Rex, who adoring Joe described as “perfect.”

“He’s funny,” he gushes, “He’s starting to stand up now, and he’s such a funny kid. It gave us a full sense of security. “

Stacey Solomon said Joe Swash was trying to get her back pregnant

Joe is partnering with BT, which has launched a website called Code a Cake for parents and children to learn new skills such as coding.

Code a Cake helps kids understand the art of coding using a simple baking analogy, by programming a robotic arm to help them create their own virtual cake while they learn the basic coding steps: sequencing, variables and loop.

“You build a cake and code on the computer, so you learn, they learn, we all learn together,” said Joe.

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“Some of the things kids learn at school, I have no idea, so learning together is perfect for this climate. “

“The website is really interactive and the kids enjoyed it. All the tips we can use as parents are great. We’ll do two hours of schoolwork, then half an hour on Code a Cake, and they don’t even want to work while we’re doing it. ”

And Stacey loves it too, said Joe, who laughed, “She likes a gadget! “


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