Joe Rogan still hesitant to call UFC 249 despite Dana White’s claims


Joe Rogan is reluctant to comment on UFC 249, and sounds like it, for all other UFC cards that occur during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rogan had previously stated that he would not be on duty as a commentator for UFC 249.

“The UFC is talking about fighting on April 18,” said Rogan in a recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “I don’t know how they’re going to do this.

“I guess someone will comment on it [but] it won’t be me, ”he added.

UFC President Dana White then denied that Rogan ever made this comment, and assured that the former Fear factor the host will be seated at the card comment desk.

“He didn’t say that,” said Dana White in a later interview with TMZ. “Again, you can’t listen to what the media is saying. No one spoke to him, they heard him speak on a podcast. So they start writing stories on a podcast that are full of shit. Rogan will be there. “

Despite White’s insistence, Rogan is still not sold to work on this card. While rumor has it that the event takes place at Tachi Palace Casino in California, he says he still has no idea where it is going.

“We don’t know where it is,” said Rogan in a more recent episode of the Joe Rogan experiment. “I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing, whether I’m going to go there or not. I do not know where it is. I don’t even know if it’s in America. I literally, right now, I don’t know sh * t. I have no information. ”

While it is conceivable that Rogan is convinced to call this event, he appears to have concerns about the health risks associated with promoting a combat card during a pandemic. Specifically when two violent individuals like Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje are involved.

“There is no social distancing in a f * cking cage fight,” said Rogan. “They’re sweating each other in the other’s mouth. If Tony Ferguson is fighting, there will be blood, that’s for sure. Everyone who fights Tony Ferguson looks like he’s falling off a train, so there’s going to be blood. . .

“What if one of these guys is positive?” What if Justin Gaethje was positive? He’s supposed to be fighting Ferguson. . . I have a feeling that if someone were positive, they would remove them from the map. I shouldn’t say to remove them from the card, to remove them from the card. I imagine it must be the right thing to do. Then you will also need to quarantine the people who worked with him in a training camp and test everyone. “

Suffice it to say that Dana White may have jumped the gun when he guaranteed we will hear Joe Rogan on UFC 249.

This article first appeared on 04/09/2020.


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